the search for green, our first playdate and parade.


in preparation for this past weekend, i toke a looksie into my (almost) organized closet. not one single green top! well, except for one–a long-sleeved striped thermal. which didn’t count, because i’m living in florida now. duh and ugh! i really need to weed out my wardrobe. again. i’m a tab bit of a hoarder, and sometimes it takes a few tries before i part with things. green is not one of those things i collect, obviously. our entire family is lacking that color of the rainbow, even though we really do like it.

so i did something pretty awesome–a quick run into target. why is it awesome, you ask?

  • i made a trip to target. not any target, but super target. while i could have easily spent an hour there.

i didn’t.

  • super targets in florida are waaaaayy better. so i could have technically gotten lost in those aisles for more than two hours.

but i still didn’t…

  • i picked up drinks for the kid’s st. patty’s day party.
  • i snagged a tee for izzie in the boy’s department–$3!!! and yes, i had my toddler in tow.
  • i was attempting a world record (for me at least). i was so determined, i didn’t look at the price or much of the graphic. all i knew, that it was green. at the cash register, the baseball tee rang up at $12! win again!


i deserve a pat on the back. except, for 2 minor things….

  • #1. hubby toke on the responsibility of running after our very curious and active 20 month old. so, thanks for that sweetie. also, for acknowledging the challenge of shopping with a little one (and not wreaking the entire store).
  • and #2. it wasn’t until the next day, i realized something that made me giggle. the three-leaf clovers were precisely positioned over the girls. it seriously looked like pasties. not exactly the look i was going for.

still, it served it’s purpose…

i wore those pasties to our very first florida playdate last thursday. izzie’s of course, but i may have been slightly more excited. a group of lovely mamas and their little leprechauns celebrated and played at the park. we felt welcomed and grateful to be a part of the festivities. here’s a vine from that day (with accompanied mommy conversations in the background).






a bird’s-eye view




on st. patrick’s day, i made this for breakfast. then daddy–our very own patrick patryk. (he’s polish, not irish.) accompanied us to a small, artsy downtown parade. izabella’s very first one ever! there was lots of green attire (we repeated ours), red fire-trucks and some familiar faces too. we ran into a friend from our mommy and me group.


new friends :)


izzie’s bottle even matched

at that point, our tummy’s were growling. so what better day to have an authentic corned beef and cabbage, than on st. patty’s day?!



see what i mean…pasties!

we walked around for a while, dodging the rowdy crowd and discovered a few consignment shops just as izzie fell asleep. i got lost in those aisles, for good measure ’cause i didn’t get to do it at target ;-)

then we headed back home, just as the sun was setting.


p.s – happy first day of spring!


st. patty’s loaded baked potato

the festivities extend the entire weekend, but tomorrow is the official holiday. which means there’s still time left on the clock for another recipe. i’ve taken on the challenge to inspire your inner irish to be creative. i snatched a recipe, which will round out even the biggest menu. if you’ve got nothing planned like myself (hey, i’m hispanic), don’t fret. this one has all the irish staples in one serving. corned beef, cabbage, beer and of course, potato. now, that’s what i call —loaded and pretty genius too! this hearty side dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your st. patrick’s day dinner table.


Beer Braised Corned Beef and Cabbage


½ tablespoon olive oil

½ pound cooked corned beef

½ pound cabbage

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 cup dark beer of your choice


Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium high heat.

Sautee corned beef and cabbage constantly stirring.

Add brown sugar and add salt and pepper to taste.

Stir well and add beer. Cover and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.

Uncover, and let most of the liquid to be absorbed.

Once the beer has reduced, cabbage is caramelized and tender then you are ready to pour over the perfectly baked potato.


although i’d love taking full credit, this one solely belongs to melissa bailey from hungry food love. check out her site, for the complete recipe. which includes the magic behind baking a perfect baked potato. no magic or luck involved, actually. i hope ;-)

may your troubles be less,
and your blessing be more.
and nothing but happiness,
come through your door.

-irish blessing