how to make a bunny that goes “meow”

so late last week, i wanted to surprise izzie with a bunny puppet. the old school way, made with a brown paper bag. this happened during her nap (like everything else i get done). i wanted to share this easy easter craft with you. it’s super fun ’cause this bunny doubles as a cat too. i knew i failed at making subtle whispers, when izabella very enthusiastically, “meowed” at my craft project. i couldn’t help but laugh at my silly mistake. nonetheless, my toddler really enjoyed my quirky and magical creation.



most likely, you’ll have everything you need right at home. if not, you’re nearest dollar store will carry these (all except for the last two).

  • paper lunch bag
  • construction paper (assorted colors)
  • glue stick
  • lead pencil
  • white colored pencil
  • fine point black marker
  • colored markers
  • sissors
  • cotton ball

also, very important…

  • the ability to make over exaggerated whiskers
  • an imaginative & honest toddler


i free-hand, but you can use round tops to make big, goggly eyes.post28_strybrd3

^^^this is how i made the nose and mouth.post28_strybrd4

a white interior surrounded by a pink earpost28_strybrd5

fold one corner for a snazzy touch :)


^^^ this is how i added the lashes, after i thought this bunny would be a girly-girl (see the pretty purple bow below)

ohhhh and let’s not forget about those cat whispers ;-)

(fold a piece a construction paper in half. with your handy white pencil draw, those three lines. cut from around the edge, and you’ve got!


add a few extra touches, like a bow, a few dress buttons and of course, a fluffy, white tail.


p.s- if you’d want your child to be involved, simply pre-cut all the shapes. let them do the rest with your supervision. oh and washable markers and crayons is recommended! just take a look at my dear daughter’s latest artwork.



the search for green, our first playdate and parade.


in preparation for this past weekend, i toke a looksie into my (almost) organized closet. not one single green top! well, except for one–a long-sleeved striped thermal. which didn’t count, because i’m living in florida now. duh and ugh! i really need to weed out my wardrobe. again. i’m a tab bit of a hoarder, and sometimes it takes a few tries before i part with things. green is not one of those things i collect, obviously. our entire family is lacking that color of the rainbow, even though we really do like it.

so i did something pretty awesome–a quick run into target. why is it awesome, you ask?

  • i made a trip to target. not any target, but super target. while i could have easily spent an hour there.

i didn’t.

  • super targets in florida are waaaaayy better. so i could have technically gotten lost in those aisles for more than two hours.

but i still didn’t…

  • i picked up drinks for the kid’s st. patty’s day party.
  • i snagged a tee for izzie in the boy’s department–$3!!! and yes, i had my toddler in tow.
  • i was attempting a world record (for me at least). i was so determined, i didn’t look at the price or much of the graphic. all i knew, that it was green. at the cash register, the baseball tee rang up at $12! win again!


i deserve a pat on the back. except, for 2 minor things….

  • #1. hubby toke on the responsibility of running after our very curious and active 20 month old. so, thanks for that sweetie. also, for acknowledging the challenge of shopping with a little one (and not wreaking the entire store).
  • and #2. it wasn’t until the next day, i realized something that made me giggle. the three-leaf clovers were precisely positioned over the girls. it seriously looked like pasties. not exactly the look i was going for.

still, it served it’s purpose…

i wore those pasties to our very first florida playdate last thursday. izzie’s of course, but i may have been slightly more excited. a group of lovely mamas and their little leprechauns celebrated and played at the park. we felt welcomed and grateful to be a part of the festivities. here’s a vine from that day (with accompanied mommy conversations in the background).






a bird’s-eye view




on st. patrick’s day, i made this for breakfast. then daddy–our very own patrick patryk. (he’s polish, not irish.) accompanied us to a small, artsy downtown parade. izabella’s very first one ever! there was lots of green attire (we repeated ours), red fire-trucks and some familiar faces too. we ran into a friend from our mommy and me group.


new friends :)


izzie’s bottle even matched

at that point, our tummy’s were growling. so what better day to have an authentic corned beef and cabbage, than on st. patty’s day?!



see what i mean…pasties!

we walked around for a while, dodging the rowdy crowd and discovered a few consignment shops just as izzie fell asleep. i got lost in those aisles, for good measure ’cause i didn’t get to do it at target ;-)

then we headed back home, just as the sun was setting.


p.s – happy first day of spring!

cabin fever


you don’t exactly bring out the best in me. i try my hardest to see the sliver lining in your season. for example, i can’t think of a better time to enjoy hot cocoa. there’s christmas and new years celebrations. being able to use flannel pajamas and woolly socks, hubby’s birthday, chunky sweaters and turtle necks. i’m a sucker for cuddling under cozy blankets, with my flannel pajamas and woolly socks. sexy mama i know! (the thermostat is off limits because my hubby is being spiteful…just kidding). oh and i will admit the first snowfall is really quite beautiful and magical. I make an effort to have fun in the snow with my dear daughter. a little bit of what I did on winter storm nemo (which fell right smack on my 30th birthday). thanks for stealing my thunder ;-) otherwise, I could technically do without you. i’m really trying here, but i can’t help being honest either.

it seems we set up fort and bunkered down for a billion weeks. i’m exaggerating. just a little though. gosh darn it! i’ve had enough! (that’s me being angry and fed up). i also have a problem with murphy’s law, which is real by the way. don’t let anyone tell you different. ’cause the one day i bring izzie outside to play, she gets sick. one day, i tell you! i played nurse (okay so I use the term ‘play’ very loosely) with a feverish, runny-nosed, sore-throat, coughing little one. the sleepless nights with a constantly crying, miserable baby really did me in. sounds like i’m being wimpy, but we struggled with izabella’s severe colic and reflux for 6 whole months. anytime she cries for long periods of time, i regress back to that overwhelming and challenging time. no judging, because i truly paid my dues. got it?

just when i thought the worst was over, hubby gets his share and is still battling the same nasty symptoms as our girl. he’s doing better today, but guess who’s next? me! [rolling eyes]. i’m pretty much popping vitamin c like crazy. i’m literally cringing just thinking about not being able to get out of bed. ’cause you know, mamas don’t get breaks (even if they’re as sick as a dog).

* please be kind to us, oh dear winter. pretty please with a cherry on top. if you promise to do so, i will talk nicer about you in exchange. deal? deal!


post23_strybrd7izzie finally got over being sickies after five long days [cue in hallelujah music]. in case you’re wondering, ‘sickies’ means sick in cute baby talk. you can read more about my abnxious habit, here.

i was out the door faster than my husband could say “how much longer?”. ’cause leaving with a baby (okay, so even with a toddler) is an ordeal. sometimes it makes me wonder if going out is really necessary, six hours into the process. this time around, i was beyond desperate to escape those four walls. apparently, i wan’t the only one either. when we got izabella into her coat, she was smiling and waving goodbye to probably every single item at home.

we decided to go mall cruising because lets face it, our options are limited during this season. plus, hubby needed to go to the apple store anyway. izzie is definitely not a windows kind of gal. no doubt in my mind. at one point, she was trying to tell me she wants a mac book pro for her birthday. we’ll think about it sweetie, but sheesh! izabella alicia, you’re 19 months going on 19 years.

post23_strybrd5we haven’t visited california pizza kitchen in forever. we decided this would be a good enough time if any. the new red and golden beet salad was delish! i could of eaten another plate. easily.

post23_strybrd6let’s talk about this pizza, shall we? also new and oh so incredible. it has brussell spouts and bacon. quirky, yes but 5 points for creativity! the combination of ingredients is just perfect

post23_strybrd1we take coloring in our family really seriously. i mean look at that concentration. all is well, until she starts eating the crayon. it got me thinking about the idea of edible crayons. that would be a-ma-zing!


post23_strybrd3post23_strybrd2mac and cheese was requested by little miss.


i thought window shopping would be nice. talk about tempting. Ladies, is it hard or is it hard? still, seeing things I love is a great distraction. i get inspired and imaginative (maybe a little too much, even) because izabella escapes my sight in two blinks. she has loads of enjoyment hiding under clothes racks, making friends and pretending to be a window display mannequin. we get a lot more exercise, chasing after this spunky blond of ours in a big open space. you know what they say about blonds having more fun, right? i think there’s definitely some truth to that.post23_strybrd12

post23_strybrd16inappropriate behavior perhaps, but i needed to take a picture. it was just too cute. i couldn’t resist.

post23_strybrd8helping mama pick out some rad options. she has good taste, this girl.

post23_strybrd9she was playing with the sales clerk and having a ball for a good ten minutes straight.

post23_strybrd13so many pretty pieces at anthropology.

post23_strybrd14i adore this mid-century/ parisian nook <3

post23_strybrd18i would take it all it. the sales rack wasn’t bad, but i’m saving my pennies for another time.

post23_strybrd15so I really love these frames, but i know i can totally copy cat them. DIY project, here I come!

post23_strybrd19no outing ever begins or ends without a dirty diaper. this was the decent shot of the very unglamorous routine. not that you’d want to see pictures of the mess i had to clean. the face of husband gagging over the diaper change which followed, was utterly priceless. he’s a trooper for feeling sick and offering to help me anyway.

that was the bulk of our past sunday. i’d say we’re doing better. recovering from cabin fever that is :)