natural pain relief? sign me up!

what can i say? i’m a sorta-crunchy gal interested in healthy alternatives. so naturally (ha! no pun intended), i was curious about noxicare. don’t get me wrong, i’m not completely against modern medicine. it has it’s place and purpose in my life. however, if i am aware of a healthier option (which actually works), i won’t reach for any over-the-counter/ prescribed stuff.


even as a sucker for green, organic, homeopathic products, i’ve had my share of disappointments. things labeled as “natural” have failed to do its job. take for example, laundry detergent. one brand in particular, pretty much manufactures and sells watered-down soap. i was disappointed that even the simplest of stains weren’t removed. so i have a confession to make: i was a bit skeptical with their effectiveness. even so i didn’t want to miss out, if i was indeed proven wrong.

my lower neck and shoulders have literally carried the weight of my stress. both a masseuse and chiropractor actually confirmed the numerous knots early last year. the discomfort has been prominent for a while, especially the past two years. i’m saving my pennies for another massage, but in the meantime i’m glad i have vitamins to help my aches and pains. the good folks at noxicare, shipped me a bottle of all natural pain relief capsules.

the ingredients were all words i could actually pronounce. hey…”you say tomato, I say tomahto”, but regardless they’re all naturally derived. no chemicals or dyes here. just pure, wholesome goodness to make you feel your best. for whatever reason, i only toke it once a day for about a week. since i didn’t see any results, re-read it and realized the directions specify to take two to three capsules a day. i began taking the recommended dosage, and it made all the difference. just the next day, i definitely felt the muscle soreness and tightness subside.


the extracts of ginger, willow bark, rosemary, holy basil, boseweilla, tumeric and alpha lipoic acids make for one powerful combination. these healing properties are much appreciated by this (once) achy mama.

if you’re feeling discomfort from joint, nerve or musculoskeletal pain, i recommend this FDA approved, homeopathic medicine.

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good luck! here’s to happy, healthy and pain free days :)



domeo ipad case up for grabs!


when the domeo marketing representative contacted me, i was very composed. yet on the inside, i was uncontrollably ecstatic. never mind i was about to recieve a free case of my liking (yes, free!), but it would also be my first product review. ever! this was a huge milestone, as a rookie blogger. after much anticipation, the package arrived and it felt like christmas all over again. my 18 month old daughter shared my silly, kid-ish behavior and helped me rip it open. i have to say, i’m proud i didn’t screech with excitement and jump inside the box also. isn’t that just so wonderful about toddlers? ordinary things are out-of-this-world-extraordinary in their eyes.

another spectrum is how they’re so tech-savvy in this day in age. my daughter knows how to maneuver through a t.v remote, cell phone, ipad and a laptop– for crying out loud! i try my best to limit her screen time and encourage creative play, but i believe a healthy balance is also important. in my opinion, an educational dvd or app can be a good thing when used in moderation. my hubby happens to be a cute nerd with a creative flair, as an avid techie and a photographer. he depends on his mac and photography programs to view and edit his images. i’m an artsy sort-of dork with my apple products and creative suite of design applications. we’re not big television viewers, except for the occasional weekly episodes of our favorite show. still, electronics and technology is a part of our family life.

when asked which case i wanted to try out, i was delighted to see an array of fabulous options. i could of been able to use all of them, if i could. there’s one which makes reading recipes while cooking, effortless and efficient. another caught my eye, because it’s wonderful for the many one-handed moments in motherhood. for example, coffee in one hand, ipad on the other and baby on hip. besides practicality (which is a must, as a parent), i also thought about protection. i needed something for the hands of a curious toddler, who doesn’t know her own strength at times. ideally, it would also have round corners and a soft exterior. ‘”ideal” is  an overused word of mine. i need to stop using it because most things aren’t ideal–except for daydreams and hypothetical situations. much to my surprise however, i found the perfect case for our family’s ipad. it’s called the tri-lounge and as it’s name suggests, it’s three sided and great for….well– lounging.


the tri-lounge ipad case is kid-friendly and mommy approved. it features two brilliant storage compartments. one for the actual ipad and another for the charging cord. it’s makes transporting a breeze and satisfies the ocd of any neat-freak.


this particular case securely holds the ipad either vertically or horizontally (as shown above). i love the versatility!


it’s super comfortable to lay on your lap. whether you’re sitting in bed reading an ebook or playing a game with your child on the sofa.

post21_strybrd4i appreciated that it also stands on it’s own with ease. in the photograph above, the ipad is positioned vertically and conceals the home button (big brownie points!). if you have a young child, then you’d understand how important this is. my little one will press it repeatedly, and i’ll have to restart the app.

domeo carries an assortment of products to meet your lifestyle. one lucky person will receive a free ipad case of their choice.

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