Summer paid us a visit yesterday

I love the rich colors of autumn and the cool, crisp air. I appreciate the beauty and festivities fall has to offer, but I dream of warm, sunny weather. It’s hard to let go of those last days of summer. Every year. Year after year. Nonetheless, I accept the change of season and say my last good-byes. Unexpectedly on an ordinary friday, it came unannounced and brought a little bit of joy to my day. Seventy-nine degrees of perfection (is it really October?). Boy, I really needed that vitamin D. Sunshine can be so therapeutic, especially after a few rainy, lousy days….Aaahhhh.

In honor of our warm-weathered guest, I dressed my little gal in a short-sleeve tee. This opportunity may not come again, so I decided that Izabella ‘Izzie’ should relish every minute of her outdoor playtime. Seeing my wide-eyed baby admire nature was enjoyable for me too. (Well…minus pulling pebbles out of her mouth). Every little thing is simply amazing to her. Every. single. detail. She’s intrigued with the rough texture of a rock, to the soft, moist dirt. Fascinated by all the colorful leaves, she neatly collected them. One by one. Then with great pride, she handed them to me. Her smile melts my heart. She was seriously having a blast without any fancy toys. Looking at life through her eyes, gives me a fresh perceptive.

Izzie was spotting chipmunks and pointing out birdies way out in the distance. Impressed, would be an understatement. Sometimes I don’t stop and smell the roses (or in this case, the evergreen). I saw pinecones like I never saw them before. Like christmas ornaments. So lovely. The crunch of the leaves sounded so different. Almost whimsical. The teeny tiny flowers named baby’s breath, made so much sense to me. Even more so, with my little one delicately trying to grab them. They were perfectly scaled for her petite fingers. My dear daughter is all about walking these days. Speed walking, actually. Crawling still doesn’t get old when it comes to reaching the top of the stairs. And so, she’ll go up and want me to walk her down. Up and down.Upp and doown. Upppp aaaaand doooooown. Then we played a combination of peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek. The latter was a first for her, so we’re going to need a wee bit more practice…haha. Okay, so I got my excercise for the day. Hey if can multi-task while having fun with my sweetheart, it’s a good thing.

Honestly, being a stay-at-home-mom (and literally staying at home) isn’t easy. There are days I feel frustrated and stuck in a rut. Emotionally and physically trapped. Exploring different places, rediscovering old ones and meeting new faces is what helps keep my sanity. By her expressive eyes, humongous four-teeth-grin and ecstatic giggles, I know she also finds happiness outside four walls. So what, she got dirt in her fingernails! on her shoes. on her clothes. in her hair and all over me?! Hey, nothing a good laundry wash can’t clean. Also, all the reason to enjoy a long, warm bath together. Which we did. Rubber ducky, bubbles and all. It was a perfect ending to our little “summer” playdate and a relaxing start to baby girl’s afternoon nap. Quiet time for mommy meant a fresh brewed cup of coffee, a light lunch and catching up on some chores…(ahem, serious grass and dirt stained clothes).

I will miss you summer (or wanna-be-summer). Either one, I’ll take it for the day. Anytime you want to come again, feel free. If not soon, I will anxiously wait for your arrival next year. Until then, I’m so ready for some pumpkin carving, costume shopping and apple pie baking.

Yours truly,