mornings in bed

Waking up next to these two, is a beautiful way to start the day.

Fifteen months ago, It was just the hubs and I. We thought cuddling with each other was the best thing since sliced bread. Now a days, receiving sweet embraces from Izabella is the highlight of our morning.

Getting her beauty sleep. That’s how she gets those pink pouty lips, of course!

Waking up looking so happy is actually hard work. Lots of yawning and smiles involved.

Izzie wastes no time in waking dada. She takes this task very seriously.

She gets him every time with this move. It never fails to make his heart go pitter patter

Shortly after this picture, I joined the love and cuddled with my darlings. A ritual we practice every morning in our family bed.

We believe that co-sleeping and bed sharing is a personal family decision. We have safely done so, from day one and relish these moments. It is instinctual to have my baby within arms reach. It was so natural and practical for nursing or getting (even) five more minutes of shuteye. Not to mention, how efficient in responding to her cries and needs. As a newborn, she always slept on her back. I also removed loose blankets and pillows to avoid any chance of suffocation. Once she was able to roll over (from back to front), we incorporated our complete bedding set. Now as a young toddler, she enjoys it to the fullest, as you can see. Sometimes we use the crib, otherwise it makes a great space for folded laundry.

Wishing you a good morning. From our bed to yours!


*Footnote: There are many benefits to co-sleeping/ bedsharing aside from the ones I mentioned. However, do consider the risks if mommy or daddy are heavy sleepers, overweight, under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In that case, please be responsible and place baby in a safe crib.


My best accessory to wear is my baby

In honor of international babywearing week, I wanted to share my personal experience with this wonderful age-old tradition. Let me just start off by stating my husband and I practice attachment parenting. It was never something I was forced into, rather a style which came so naturally and instinctual to me. Even before meeting my hubby or trying to conceive, I’d always envisioned the kind of mother I wanted to be. Way before attachment parenting became so controversial  or even the “new trend”, I was actually striving towards those basic priciples on my own.One of them being skin-to-skin contact and holding baby often. That evolved into discovering babywearing and learning about the many benefits it offered.

Wearing my baby or rather toddler, (Can’t believe I used the ‘T’ word to describe my little peanut) is truly an amazing way to bond. Having her close enough to hear my heartbeat, and being able to give her butterfly kisses is a wonderful way to soothe her. She’s high needs (sensitive and spirited) and responds excellently to this nurturing style. Now that she’s older, I can use the back carry position and she’s happy as a clam. Wearing your baby is also great when strollers are too cumbersome or inappropriate for a specific situation. Loading the dishwasher or meal preparations are great examples. How about a quick trip to the grocery store? There’s just so much advantages to having your hands free.When Izzie was an infant, I did use the baby bjorn and after a couple uses I found it to be straining on my back on shoulders. In addition, it seemed she wasn’t as comfortable as she could of been. After some research, my intuition was right. I highly recommend the ergo carrier to any mommy. By the way, a baby wearing daddy is hot, won’t you agree ladies?

The ergo is super versatile, because it can be worn in a front, hip or back position (perfect for hiking trips). In addition, it’s a great investment because your child can use it well into their preschool age (45 lbs). The ergo carrier is available in wide range of colors and fun patterns too!

Happy babywearing!