recipes & ideas for a superbowl XLVII party

SuperBowl Party Recipes and Ideas
this posting comes (way) too late. however you know what they say, “better late than never”, right? please don’t judge me–i’m not rooting for a particular team. this is the sad reality of an artsy-unathletic girl. i’m not a sports gal but i do love the superbowl. it’s an excuse to eat casual,comfort food and watch the most amazing commercials. so i put together an inspiration board of my favorites. below are a list recipes and party ideas which make for a great game time, regardless who you’re a fan of (or not).

1. individual seven-layer dips — the girl who ate everything
2. beer candied bacon — tide & thyme
3. chocolate covered footballs — domestic fits
4. easy football field party table — a night owl
5. citrus spicy wings with cilantro dip– life is still sweet
6. chili bar — celebrations at home blog
7. chili in glass jar (plus other decorating ideas) — hostess with the mostess
8. football spicy-sweet deviled eggs — my recipes
9. watermelon football helmet — national watermelen promotion board
what does your superbowl spread consist of?


a ladylike winter

if you don’t already know, this isn’t my favorite season. my attempts to bundle up usually consists of lots of layers and a pouty face. apart from christmas, i haven’t had the opportunity to play dress-up this winter. i keep on saying i’m going to have a date night with the hubs, but we usually just end up staying in. which i’m totally okay with most of the time, but my dresses might have cobwebs by now. if you’re a girly-girl like me, then you’d understand too. heck, if you’re a mom then i’m just preaching to the choir right about now.

the whole dressing up/date night situation is one of my new years resolutions. i’ll quote #8 down the list of things i wish to accomplish in 2013: “go out on hot dates night with my mani haven’t used my heels in…umm, yeah i can’t even remember the last time.” <— gosh, that’s sad!

i toke the woolite dream winter outfit challenge, ’cause i’m getting psyched for going out on the town. hopefully, sooner than later. i could use some practice and a little inspiration. people who know about fashion, know that woolite is a trusted detergent. it promises to take care of your favorite clothes so you can continue making great memories and great fashion statements. with that in mind, i put together this outfit that i would want to keep looking its best.

a ladylike winter

Poem print top
$87 –

Moschino wool shirt

Military fashion

Wool mini skirt

Tulle clothing

Rag & bone high heels

Jigsaw knit beret
$62 –

this pretty combination is a  little bit classy and a little bit fun too. there’s no need for a necklace with this moschino wool shirt.  it’s the epitome of femininity, which features an elegant bow. the a-line floral skirt gives the assemble a retro 50’s look, which i love. in order to avoid it being too matchy-matchy, i added a second pattern with the use of cardigan. delicate birds add that perfect touch of whimsy, which also gives this outfit an avant-garde edge. the mustard yellow military coat balances the girly elements with a touch of masculine detailing in the buttons. each of the accessories picks up a rich color and completes this very ladylike attire. it’s a perfect for dressing up while still keeping warm during this cold weather.

what are your thoughts?


take a peek and save

i’m a sucker for artsy, avant-garde pieces.

as an art school graduate, i have great appreciation for creative housewares, charming knick-knacks and unique accesories. if i ever need a little mommy break, you’ll mostly likely find me at thrift shops, flea markets and discount designer stores. i love me a good find! even better, is a good find at a great price.

recently, i came across a wonderful website which features quality products created by artisans. i expected the prices to by sky-high but to my surprise, they were incredibly reduced. i’m so excited to share this innovative style of shopping with you.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 1.50.40 PM

the first thing that caught me eye was this apron set. it’s perfect for the fashionable domestic-diva–$14!

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 2.01.00 PM

while browsing, i earned badges just for being a new member and “peeking” at items which interested me. pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 2.12.06 PM

this organic, handmade set by metropolis soap company, also caught my fancy. they retail for $24 and the sneakpeek price was $17.00. with my badges, i qualified for even more discounts–$10 (guaranteed for 14 days) or 10% off (guaranteed for 3 days). i chose the $10.00 option, and my price was only 7 buckaroos, a 70% savings! …and i also get free shipping with purchases of $49 or more.

now, that’s what i can frugal shopping.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 2.13.03 PM

at sneakpeeq, you’ll aways ‘find what you love!’ they bring you new discoveries every day, from gourmet foods to home products to accessories and apparel at prices so low they have to keep them private.

to become an exclusive member, all you do is sign up using your facebook account. it’s that simple! get 10 friends to join, and you’ll receive a $10 gift badge!

if you’re savvy and stylish, click here and join sneakpeek today.


happy shopping!