that’s how many months old my baby turned last week. one year and a half.  i can’t quite wrap my head around the idea that she’s grown and learned so much. from being a teeny tiny 5lb 11oz newborn to an active, bubbly toddler. here are some highlights about what izzie loves these days.


very serious about getting out of the tub. this picture was captured after her crying episode.

izabella’s favorite things

  • long baths
  • running naked
  • potted plants, because the dirt tastes really good (apparently)
  • dogs
  • barking like a dog
  • eating crushed ice like a laboring woman
  • being tickled by daddy
  • books (especially dr. Seuss)
  • cooked carrots
  • dancing and twirling
  • sharing hogging  mommy’s pillow
  • hiding under the clothing racks
  • eating (sometimes only, squashing) blueberries
  • her beloved pacifier(s)
  • sleeping in the ergo baby carrier
  • vanilla soy milk
  • soup
  • hugging loved ones.
  • brushing her own hair. sometimes mine
  • playing with pots and pans
  • getting her hands on the iPhone, iPad or laptop
  • reorganizing shelves
  • coloring and eating crayons.
  • smiling and waving at friendly strangers.
  • watching olivia on nick. jr (despite mommy’s guilt)

cute baby tushie! somehow i was able to resist the urge of posting a naked shot. she’ll thank me when she’s 12.

izabella’s frequently used words

  • “st-op” (stop)
  • “bebe” (baby–no matter if the that child she’s pointing to happens to be 10)
  • “oh no!” , “oh my!”, “oh wow!”  or simply, “no!” (that she says very clearly)
  • “ohh-tay”  (okay–used as a substitute for “yes”)
  • “mom” (sometimes instead of “mommy”)
  • “ti-ti” (thank you)
  • “daa-ddy” (daddy)
  • “weeee” (as she slides down the sofa)
  • “num” (yum)
  • “a-ball” (apple)
  • “sheep” (sleep)

girly girl in the works?

izabella’s music list

  • “la pequeña araña” (the itsy bitsy spider)
  • “twinkle twinkle litte star”
  • “the wheels on the bus”
  • “the hokey pokey” (choreography and all)
  • “los pollitos dicen pío, pío, pío” (hispanic folk song)
  • “old mcdonald”
  • “head shoulders knees and toes”
  • “bob marley’s “three little birds”

look at the curl. see it? i absolutely love it.

izzie’s proud mama,



meet my niece

isn’t she beautiful?

i can’t believe it’s been four weeks since she made her debut! even more, that it’s taken me this long to post pictures of the newest addition of our family. although i did share some of these on my instagram.

still– it’s not quite an official announcement, until i blog about it.


on the very day of my sister’s baby shower, she went into early labor. i think my niece was anxious to be apart of the celebration. six hours after entering the hospital, ester bought this little bundle of joy into the world.

..and so i’m happy to introduce

Emani Hope

November 5, 2012

5lbs 15oz | 18.5″

she joins big brother, ezekiel and her proud parents

*birthed naturally and welcomed with love






these are just a few pics from our very first visit. she’s gotten so much bigger (and can you believe –more beautiful since then?). izabella is in love with her cousins. snapshots can be seen here and here.

also, i’d like to point out that my hubby is mostly responsible for these great black and whites. check out this website to view his amazing portfolio.

ohhh and TGIF!


stained carpet, broken heart, zombies and fall boots. what a week!

This was meant for Sunday, and three days I’m finally able to post.

Needless to say, it was the mother of all jam-packed weeks.

So much has happened. As usual, these past seven days had it’s bitter moments. It also had some sweet ones too. Here is a (small) glimpse of what my week looked like.

Because looking at my little girl on a post about not-so-pleasant things, makes me smile.


  • Maybe this should go under the category of funny/ borderline not-so-funny mommy stories. My fifteen month old is the epitome of blissfully happy when she’s in her birthday suit. So as usual, I allow her to run around sans-diaper a couple of minutes before bath time. She’s shrieking and singing, and then completely silent. Very curiously, my husband asks “What did you give Izzie to play with?”. I wasn’t too concerned because I assumed it was some kind of tupperware. Nope. I was so very wrong. Not even close. What could of been a dirty diaper, turned out to be a disaster. I don’t want the TMI reaction, so I’ll conclude as discreetly as possible. It’s safe to say, my carpet and daughter’s hands are (now) cleaner than ever.
  • The example above is so trivial and light hearted in comparison to a loved one in deep pain. It was the worst and most critical situation I had to confront this week. It broke me in a million pieces that I couldn’t do more. All the empathy, listening, comforting and supporting couldn’t change the damage. I’m no physic or modern day prophet, but I saw this coming. I anticipated it and shared the cry for help, Unfortunately, those tears went down the drain and one of my fears became reality. My dearest (you know who you are), your sorrow is also mine because you are a piece of my heart.


  • I actually found the first pair of fall boots for Izabella. I was looking for a size 3 which is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. She has the tiniest of feet (like her mama), and fashionable shoes usually run two sizes waaaayyy too big. So when I found these at The Children’s Place, I grabbed the last pair like a crazy, mad woman. Mind you, they’re a size 4 and a little too roomy. So we’ll have to use thick socks, but at least she won’t outgrow them anytime soon. I think they’re cute. By the way she proudly paraded around with them, I think she agrees.
  • The new season of The Walking Dead started last week. I’m very partial to zombie anything, but this thriller series is anything but typical. The concept is incredibly creative and the plot is meticulously written. It’s filled with action, drama, and edge-of-your-seat suspense. If you have little ones, I have one word for you: DVR. (It contains violence, some language and gore). Plus, the scary scenes are a perfect excuse to cuddle with your lover. Even if it is at home. And it’s only for an hour. Hey, I’ll take it :)

Tomorrow is a new day. A fresh start. A hope for one better than the last. However, Mondays get a bad reputation, and with good reason. So here’s a little mantra for the most dreaded day of the week.

Now repeat after me…

May my monday be peaceful, and not mayhem. Filled with a little less deadlines and a bit more grace.

That officially concludes my bittersweet Sunday post.

Until next time,