Light painting, hand shadows and candlelight portraits

This is what we did on Frankenstorm Eve

After stocking up on supplies and preparing for Hurricane Sandy, we baked an apple tart and carved pumpkins. We anxiously waited for the storm to unfold.

Then the power went out and baby girl went to sleep at 9:40pm! By far her earliest bedtime. My calm before the storm (or so I thought). She woke up half an hour later and didn’t surrender until 1 am. Safe to to say, it was a stressful rest of the night.

Hubby and I wanted to have a little bit of fun. So we grabbed our handy flashlight, the DSLR and got creative!

Please note: The light effects shown above are NOT photoshopped. Yes, it’s awesome and it’s called light painting. If you have a DSLR and a tripod, I highly recommend giving it a try. You can use any light source pointed at the camera set to a very slow shutter speed (approximately 15.0s -30.0s). Then you practically”draw” anything you like (given that it’s not too complex). FYI: It does takes a few tries and a bit of practice, but it makes for memorable entertainment.

Dancing in the rain is kinda hard when you have 80 mph wind gusts

Dear Sandy,

You’ve left a path of chaos and destruction. You were one vicious storm. I learned about two tragic occurrences. A mother lost both of her toddlers by powerful wave currents in Staten Island. I also read about two kids in Westchester who lost their lives by a fallen tree on their neighborhood’s sidewalk. My thoughts and prayers go out for those affected to such a devastating degree. It’s heartbreaking that families have been ripped apart by you, Irene, Katrina and so many other hurricanes in the past. I was one of those simply inconvenienced with power outages. I’m not undermining your wrath towards us, but those who suffered major damages and flooding to their home and/or business weren’t as fortunate. You came and went with a vengeance, and the northeast must deal with the aftermath. No heat, spoiled food, cold water, no modern day technology, being cooped up for days, trying to keep little ones entertained, major gas shortages and so forth.

Blogging during physical and emotional exhaustion isn’t a pretty sight. Here I am unshowered, complete with dark circles, messy hair, an overwhelmed mind and a heavy heart. A teeny tiny glimpse of what I look like when I’m “walking through the storm”

By the way, are you familiar with your competition: lies, deception, arrogance, selfishness, ignorance and narrow-mindedness?

You may be fierce, but nothing compares to the strength of a cruel and cold heart. Sandy, I wish you were the only storm there was to deal with.

As if you weren’t a handful, some of us had to confront the metaphoric ones this week also. The kind which come way too close and cripple our spirit. No meteorologist could ever predict or prepare one for this category 5 destruction. It’s devastating when a loved one holds your hand for a moment and just lets go. With every ounce of adrenaline, one reaches out as far as possible. Sadly, the person on the other end doesn’t make the same effort. If only they were just as determined to stretch their fingers an extra half an inch.

After the cries for help are ignored, survival mode kicks in. The struggle to save oneself and the ones we care for is a brutal uphill battle. We are at the mercy of the harsh conditions. Sandy, you are despised by so many, but don’t think for one second you are stealing this storm’s thunder. Haven’t you ever heard the phase, “when it rains it pours?”  You may be one tough gal, but you never fight alone. In a scale of short term to long term destruction, life’s grueling dark moments goes off the charts. Materialistic pocessions can eventually be restored and replaced in time. People, on the other hand, can’t. Once they’re gone, it’s too late to repair the damage. No point in saying “shoulda, coulda, woulda”. Suffering through serious heartache is far more detrimental than you Sandy. It’s quite possible more people have been mistreated, hurt and placed in life threatening situations due to human nature rather than “mother nature”.

Wet, cold and infuriated

p.s – I will get back on my feet, and so will the rest of us. After all, there must first be rain in order to have a rainbow. With storms like you Sandy and Mister I-don’t-care-about-how-much-we’ve-been-hit, we can only hope for a brighter and bigger arch. One day.