the other day…

we went to the park.

actually it was last thursday, the twenty-eighth of february. i remember so precisely because it was our move-in date. these are the pictures from a very happy day for our family. we met some lovely mothers and their kids. we also waited anxiously for a very important phone call. one which would allow us to receive the keys. not just any keys, but the ones to a place we’d call “home”.


greetings from florida :)


this dinosaur is a little questionable in my book. (he kinda resembles a very annoyed barney).

the other day after that…

// i really (honestly) planned on exercising. listen guys, i put my sneakers on and it wasn’t my chucks either. i was serious about getting rid of a few pounds. damn winter carb carvings! going to the gym with a 19 month old, didn’t work in my favor. [hashtag fail]

// izabella found a baby lizard in our den. i squeamishly let him out. i later learned they’re completely harmless (and i felt like such an idiot). ever since then, my daughter has been on a mission to find the little guy.


observant eyes

// the unpacking was already getting old. don’t you sometimes wish you could snap your fingers, and everything would magically get done. i do! especially during the tedious  organization process of moving. then i admire my first ever walk-in closet and master bath. don’t complain, raquel. don’t.

// my husband, izabella and i video chatted with my sister, niece and nephew. it was so great to see their beautiful smiles. gosh, i miss them. you too, baby sis. we haven’t forgotten about you.


“okay daddy. let’s move on. i’ve got things to do, places to go and people to see”


watching the world through her eyes is an incredible gift.

i just can't get over these palm trees...even on a cloudy day.

i just can’t get over these palm trees…even on a cloudy day.

// it was “cold”. supposedly for the 8 days we’ve been down here. we’ve been told by several floridians, we brought the brisk weather with us. ’cause a high of sixty degrees is freezing [sarcastic face].

i think it’s hilarious. especially, since just today the northeast was slammed with a snow storm. brrr—makes me cringe just hearing about it. ohhh and did i mention it’s currently seventy-five and sunny in florida? ;-)


we’re not in kansas anymore

after much anticipation, packing and loading (thanks to the helping hands of family), we finally made it to the sunshine state! my hubby did the grueling road trip in a moving truck with our car in tow. he made it from new jersey to florida in roughly thirty-six hours. he was a trooper!



i survived being a middle seater, forty-five minutes delayed on the runway, with a restless toddler. my apologies to all onboard jetblues’ flight 545 last wednesday. i was “that mom” with the crying…no wait, screaming child. two hours and forty-six three hours and twenty-nine minutes later (it seemed much longer), izzie and i arrived to west palm beach international airport.

we were exhausted, yet extremely thrilled. patryk met up with us shortly after, and he shared the same exact sentiments. boy, moving is not easy! this is our fourth during our five years of marriage. we may just be 21st century gypsies and/or hippies. just maybe.



this relocation was different though.

unlike any other we’ve experienced before. for the first ever, a true adventure. it’s like we’re on vacation–all the time. knowing we’re here to stay, just blows my mind. if i could use one word, it would be–surreal. pastel hues as far as my eyes could see, palm trees, poolside lounging and al fresco dining (during winter, no less), and happy, friendly people all around. in our neck of the woods, late fall and winter isn’t so kind to us. being here reminds me of the sun’s simple goodness. this stuff…you know, vitamin d could posibbly transform any grouch into mister rogers.



it’s been one week, and we’re still pinching ourselves.

when I drove into the complex on our move-in date, i had an epiphany. out of no where (without any help or coaching whatsoever), our 19 month old made a bold declaration. she pointed at the entrance gate and said, “home! mama…home!”

i was in awe, but also in agreement. to which i responded “yes, baby. we’re here”RPM_8523raquel

coco channel, i think you may have a point

i did something quite dramatic in december. then early this month, my husband received a long-awaited job offer. it’s official….

our little family of three is moving to sunny florida by the end of this month! i hope to blog about our decision, my bittersweet feelings and plans to begin a new chapter.

>> that’s all for now. please excuse the very short post. time to get back to the never-ending packing process.

wish me luck!