baby it’s cold outside!

for those who don’t know already, i’m 100% dominicican. if you aren’t familiar, the dominican republic is a caribbean island located southeast of cuba and shared with haiti. it’s a year round warm weathered country. naturally, my ancestors assimulated to their environment and we just aren’t designed for cold weather climates. i was born here, but those genes are strong i tell you. we literally freeze our bums off when the temperature drops to less than 70 degrees. okay so maybe i’m exaggerating, but point taken right?

my husband, who was born and raised in poland is the complete opposite of us latinos. while i could be wearing 3 layers of pajamas (not sexy i know), my man is just fine with a pair of boxers and a tee shirt. you can imagine how the thermostat is a big issue of disagreement in our household.

When it’s chilly out, my favorite go-to outfit must be warm, cozy (and cute wouldn’t hurt either.) This is one cold weather ensemble i would be happy to wear, even though i absolutely dread these winter months.

Bundle Up!

Black shirt


Tinley Road tube scarve

remember to bundle up, ’cause baby it’s cold outside


little decorating ideas for thanksgiving

Next week is Thanksgiving and I can’t quite believe it!

Here are some ideas to spruce up your home just in time for the holidays.

Thanksgiving home accents

1. Decorate with a charming garland or bunting banner 

 Fall Leaves Garland or Banner

 AUTUMN BANNER/ fall banner garland

2. Place stemware on a rustic wood cutting board

3. Have family and friends help themselves to classic apple cider from a pretty jar

Fall Flirt / apple cider wrapped in pretty linen towel

4. The hostess with mostess deserves this pretty apron

 Thanksgiving apron womens apron

5. Create personalized place settings using seasonal produce

 Fall Tablescapes

6. A natural woven table runner sets the base for a rustic tablescape

 Rustic Stripe Table Runner

7. Vintage tins and cans make the perfect container for pretty florals

8. Hurricane candles suddenly become festive when filled with corn kernels 


9. A leaf printed pillow and a rich throw adds autumnal detail to a neutral arm chair

Easy Fall Decorating Projects

10. Jazz up your door with a beautiful wreath to great guests

Transitioning Your Home For Fall

11. Fall hued vases can do wonders to decorate a mantle or foyer table

 From vintage to vavoom, some fall decor trends

12. Share who you’re thankful for, by displaying framed photographs of those dear to your heart.

 Pier One Family Desk Frame

13. Use framed silk leaves to add wall decor. Great D.I.Y project!

Ideas for Fall Decorating

Hope this inspires you, as much as it has for me.


so much to do. so little time

I am FALLing so far behind schedule.

No pun intended. Ha! Seriously,  it’s 5 days before Halloween, and I still haven’t even bought my dear daughter a costume. My inner martha stewart is so dissapointing this year. [insert mommy guilt here]

Fall to do list

Here is a personal list of the things I need/ wanna accomplish before the first snowfall. (Can you tell I’m hard on myself?)

  1. Seasonal baking and cooking.  Some examples include, homemade butternut squash soup, a hearty crock pot meal and an apple tart.
  2. Make some sweet fall treats. I would love to create a pumpkin white chocolate drink. Or I can accept the fact that starbucks will just have to do. On that same thought, perhaps I’ll have to settle with a store bought candied apple.
  3. Carve some pumpkins. Goodness gracious! I’ve had a few lonely pumpkins for the past 4 weeks waiting to be jazzed up.
  4. Get Izzie a costume (ASAP)!!! Okay this is serious. I have the feeling, I’ll be one frustrated mama t-minus 24 hours before October 31st.
  5. Buy my little girl fall outer wear. I can actually pat myself on the back for this one. kinda. I will mentality check off the list for 1 hat and pair of boots. Still she could use an extra pair. Like a that whimsical owl hat. Isn’t it just too cute?
  6. A romantic date night. A night out would blow our minds. Like woah!!!  but a bottle of bubbly (or an appletini), a cozy blanket and a chick flick would make for a sweet evening. First, I need to master getting my little one to bed before hubby and I both turn into pumpkins.

For some festival fall inspiration, check out my board on pinterest. It’s more or less a bigger and better version of this list.

Happy Friday!