coco channel, i think you may have a point

i did something quite dramatic in december. then early this month, my husband received a long-awaited job offer. it’s official….

our little family of three is moving to sunny florida by the end of this month! i hope to blog about our decision, my bittersweet feelings and plans to begin a new chapter.

>> that’s all for now. please excuse the very short post. time to get back to the never-ending packing process.

wish me luck!



struck by cupid’s arrow


as a hopeless romantic at heart, valentine’s day has always been one of my favorite holidays. even in grade school, i looked forward in receiving sweet cards and candy from classmates. then as i got older, the “will you be my valentine?” question became the new big deal. i remember my very first rose from a secret admirer in high school. it was one of those moments which made a shy girl feel like miss popular.

then as a single college student, i would fantasize about v day in it’s fullest glory. i’m talking about the mushiest, over-the-top, celebratory “must-haves”. four dozen roses, godiva chocolate covered strawberries, doves flying out of a gold cage while i’m serenaded with a personalized love song. can you say, obsessed? yes, i’ll admit it. i blame it on all those disney fairytales, like cinderella. (while i think she may have a point with shoes being life changing and all). then there’s romantic unrealistic movies. take for example, the notebook which makes any good man feel completely inadequate.


look ma, no sippy cup! only grown-up drinks :)

when i fell in love with my husband, i was head over-heels-in-love. it was like nothing else i’d ever experienced. amazingly enough, we met online and three months later we were talking marriage and babies. some people would argue it’s much too soon. my parents for one, were concerned. while i agree to a certain extent, i would also beg to differ. when you know you’ve found “the one”, you just know. i believe different people get struck by cupid’s arrow at different points in their lives. i’m grateful to say we’ve shared seven valentine’s together. there’s nothing quite like having your sweetheart for the other 364 days out of the year.

before izzie came along, valentine’s day felt…well, more passionate. heck, any other day did too. long were the days of backseat make out sessions. (don’t worry, i’m keeping this PG). for the past nineteen months, the only thing in the back seat is our romance. it’s a given, when most of our focus is on this little human being. not so beautiful, is the stress of real struggles. dates have seriously become a luxury for us. while i enjoy snuggling and watching a movie at home, there’s something special about being wined and dined. which is exactly what my honey did for me this past thursday.


rare moment right here. makeup…check! hair done…check! no pajamas…check! heels on…nope, but i’ll be asking the hubs to take me dancing next time.

we were enjoying our strawberry basil cocktail and savoring the best steakhouse food. (two thumbs up for ruth chris!). the steaks were literally sizzling (at 500 degrees, to be exact), and so was our intimacy. we were flirting! smooching, holding hands and looking deep into each other’s eyes. spark! …just like that, we found it again. we created a romantic bucket list. it had me blushing at one point and i thought to myself “wow! mama still has it going on!”


“mmmm”…”so good”…”oh my God”….”this is amazing”…”you have to try this” <<< just a sampling of what could be the voice over for these food shots

we may have lost a bit of our love life, but we have never ever fallen out of love. if anything, our love for each other has gotten stronger, as times got tougher. our “honeymoon stage” was short, but the rock-solid stuff which real marriages are made is ever-present. by the time we got to the third course, i realized our relationship has definitely evolved through the years. it’s aged for sure. that may seem odd, for a young early thirties couple. experiencing challenging times has made us feel much older. i’m proud to share that when we said “for better or for worse”, we truly meant it.


we were really milking this dinner date, by the way. we might have given the impression it was our first time out in a really long time. no wait—that’s actually true.

i have a record of getting carried away in my expectations of valentine’s day. nope, scratch that. i get carried away in mostly everything. i’m an artist with a vivid imagination. an art director who’s always perfecting this or the other. i want my home to look magazine-worthy. i want to feel pretty. i want my meals to look and taste gourmet. i want to be kissed under the full moon. while none of the above is wrong, i think there’s also more to life than the superficial.


^^^ this is what i mean. see this handsome man? he’s all mine. my valentine, my friend, lover, husband and daddy to our sweet baby girl. having him in my life is more important than my nitpicky desires. waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and breakfast he made, watching him brush his teeth is the messiest, most ridiculous way, hearing him blowing raspberries on izzie’s belly, feeling his hand caress my face isn’t glamourous, but more real than any sappy, girly, chick-flick. this is our love story. the happenings of everyday life. the simple pleasures of pure joy, even though it’s often overshadowed by the “blood, sweat and tears”. this valentine’s day, i really toke it all in. the meal, the experience of our dinner date, the romance of the occasion, but most of all—my husband.


berries and cream? don’t mind if i do! (fyi: it probably has like two thousand calories, but so worth it)

hey, mr. molczan! stop scrolling just in order to get to the pictures. you’re skimming through the writing aren’t you?

okay fine ;-) so the previous babbling is really quite simple. it can be summarized it three words: i-love-you!

with each passing day, i adore you more and more. i just can’t imagine my life without you.



a special post about mister molczan

me_3on january 17, 1981 a baby boy was born in częstochowa, poland.

about two years later, a baby girl was born 4244.2 miles away. who would have thought that over two decades down the road, they’d just so happen to meet? not just anywhere, but of all places–online. coincidence? i think not. it was part of their destiny.

that boy is now my man, soul mate, husband, friend, lover and father to our baby girl. today i honor the wonderful person he is and celebrate yet another year of life. another three hundred sixty-five days shared with my “prince charming”, as i clearly stated in my online dating profile.

the reality is it hasn’t always been a fairy tale. this past year especially was filled with many difficulties and disappointments. yet through all the struggles, his love hasn’t failed. if anything, our relationship has gotten stronger. being married and having a family with mr.molczan has been a blessing for so many reasons.

below is an open note to my sweetheart.

how do I love thee? let me count the ways…

since you turn thirty-two today, here are 32 reminders why you’re so incredibly amazing.


1. for the sake of making me laugh, you’ll do the most embarrassing things.

2. you give me the crispy, browned pieces of the food on your plate (even though you also think it’s the best part).

3. three words: vacuum cleaning, laundry, and cooking. thank you for being so domestic!

4. you believe in me and my aspirations. you’re my biggest fan.

5. izabella is your princess and you treat her nothing short of it.

6. your work ethics surpass all my expectations.

7. you actually listen to me when i need to vent.

8. without asking, you’ll serve me fresh brewed coffee and breakfast on my most exhausting days.

9.  sometimes you leave sweet notes for me in random places. they always make me smile.

10. you care and love my family, as if they were your own.

11. you order/build/fix/handle all our computer issues (nerd!)

12. i can’t remember the last time i asked you to put the toilet seat down.

13. my sensitivity is something you embrace and never take advantage of.

14. changing careers takes courage and i admire your passion and determination.

15. your warm body temperature makes snuggling all the better.

16. it’s wonderful we share the same faith, beliefs, political views and parenting style.

17. you’re fair and will alternate a chick-flick with your action film.

18. allowing izzie to share our bed most of the time (even though she kicks you all through the night)


19. i love that we often think of the same thing, at the same time.

20. you’ll change a poopie diaper, even if you’re literally gagging. literally.

21. on that note, you think farts are hysterical.

22. you let me hog the blanket and won’t complain (sometimes)

23. you came near to losing hope, but you didn’t. i’m forever grateful for your shift in perspective and God’s care.

24. you recognize my worries and sadness a mile away and react compassionately.

25. our first date was at the guggenheim museum, even though you had something else in mind.

26. you don’t make fun at me when i cry at sappy commercials or movies.

27. the smiles and laugher you share with izabella makes my heart melt.

28. you’ll defend me like a roaring lion, no matter who is wrongly accusing me.

29. sometimes if you need my attention, you’ll ask me to stop whatever i’m doing and give you a kiss.

30. you don’t read all my posts, but support my new blogging venture…

31. …and you make an effort to read most (hopefully this is one of them)

32. you have integrity and deep convictions.

33. when you’re wrong, you always apologize.

34. you love my hair, no matter what color/length/cut it is/has.


35. a long day apart, means multiple text messages and phone calls to say you miss “your girls”.

36. i love you’re not timid about appropriate pda.

37. you compliment me when i get dressed up.

38. …and oddly, also when i’m in pajamas and i feel like a total mess.

39. we share the same enthusiasm for the walking dead tv series.

40. you tell me i’m a great mother and boast it to others (even strangers).

41. somehow, you knew you were going to marry me since the first day we meet.

42. even though i was skeptical about your predictions, you waited (patiently) as i played “hard to get”.

43. when we argue, you always make an effort  to make up asap.

44. no matter how crazy our life gets, you’re crazy in love with me.

45. i appreciate you stayed true to your vows.

46. you’re not perfect, but you’re perfect for me. period.

as you can see, i got carried away and my list went past 32. the truth is i could have easily written for hours. my hubby is more than i could have imagined or dreamed of. God didn’t just give me what i wanted. even better, he gave me what i needed. for that, i’ll be forever grateful.

wishing my hubby joy, peace and all the desires of his heart.

happy birthday baby!


your proud wife,