sponsor me

i’m a creative, 30 year old, boo-boo kisser, housewife extraordinaire and blogging influencer. are you an awesome business or blog, yourself? i’m currently taking on sponsors that my readers would be interested in. those who stay true to my brand and what i represent. the demographics are women between the age of 25-45 who read fashion/ beauty magazines, watch hgtv, indulge with coffee, wine or chocolate, passionately love their family and are interested in living a little greener/healthier.

if you are interested in sponsoring The heART please contact me here or at theheartnart@gmail.com, with the subject “sponsorship”

some of the sponsorship offers

// sending me a sponsored product: i will enter the link of your website/shop information. in addition, i’ll write a post reviewing and recommending your shop. see examples.

// purchasing a space for your ads on my blog’s sidebar: it will link it to your website, which will be seen, clicked & visited by the market targets. view sizes and pricing.

// providing a giveaway to readers: this can be in the form of items/discount vouchers (nationally or internationally). see examples.


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