Dear Izabella

Dear Izabella,

I am your midnight hug ~ Whether you’re a teething baby or a scared toddler or a broken-hearted teen, I’ll be there day or night.

I am your helping hand ~ When you need help climbing up the big slide or building the science project or bringing your own baby into the world, you can count on me.

I am your best friend ~ Whether you’re happy or sad, good or bad, joyful or mad, I’ll share your joys and sorrows, encourage and guide you, and care enough to always tell you the truth.

I am your example ~ I’ll respect you so you learn to respect, listen so you’ll learn to listen, forgive so you’ll learn to forgive, show compassion so you’ll learn to be kind, and be honest so you’ll learn to tell the truth.

I am your safe place ~ When you fail, when you fall, when you’re hurting, come to me, and I’ll be here with open arms.

I am your pep squad ~ When you try, I’ll root you on. When you succeed, I’ll cheer ‘til I’m hoarse. When you fail, I’ll hug you close and whisper, “One more time.”

I am your protector ~ Whether you’re a frightened toddler or a bullied teen, I’m in your corner, gloves on and ready to help you take on the world.

I am your confidant ~ Whether you’re proud of yourself and need to toot your own horn or ashamed and need to confess your mistakes, I’m here to listen and understand.

I am your parent, but I’m not perfect ~ When I do something wrong, I’ll admit it. When I’m hurting, I’ll let you help. When I’m struggling, I won’t pretend everything is okay. I’ll be real so we can have a real relationship.

As long as I’m alive, you’ll always have arms ready to hug you, ears ready to listen to you, and a heart that will never stop loving you.




8 thoughts on “Dear Izabella

  1. Maureen says:

    I loved this it is so beautiful and so true. My “best friend” is 17 and this reminded me of a poem my mother in law sent me when I was a new Mom. Truthfully I loved yours better but I will tell you I had that poem on my refrig for most of her life and I must of read it a 1000 times – it helped me so much to be the Mom I really wanted to be. :( in 9 months she is off to college) and I don’t know how that is happening. Enjoy every moment – she is adorable. Maureen

    • Raquel {The HeART} says:

      awww..times flies, doesn’t it. every single mother tells me that. which is why i try my best to relish the moments with my baby girl. i’m sure it’s going to be tough, saying goodbye to yours when she goes off to college.

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