how to make a bunny that goes “meow”

so late last week, i wanted to surprise izzie with a bunny puppet. the old school way, made with a brown paper bag. this happened during her nap (like everything else i get done). i wanted to share this easy easter craft with you. it’s super fun ’cause this bunny doubles as a cat too. i knew i failed at making subtle whispers, when izabella very enthusiastically, “meowed” at my craft project. i couldn’t help but laugh at my silly mistake. nonetheless, my toddler really enjoyed my quirky and magical creation.



most likely, you’ll have everything you need right at home. if not, you’re nearest dollar store will carry these (all except for the last two).

  • paper lunch bag
  • construction paper (assorted colors)
  • glue stick
  • lead pencil
  • white colored pencil
  • fine point black marker
  • colored markers
  • sissors
  • cotton ball

also, very important…

  • the ability to make over exaggerated whiskers
  • an imaginative & honest toddler


i free-hand, but you can use round tops to make big, goggly eyes.post28_strybrd3

^^^this is how i made the nose and mouth.post28_strybrd4

a white interior surrounded by a pink earpost28_strybrd5

fold one corner for a snazzy touch :)


^^^ this is how i added the lashes, after i thought this bunny would be a girly-girl (see the pretty purple bow below)

ohhhh and let’s not forget about those cat whispers ;-)

(fold a piece a construction paper in half. with your handy white pencil draw, those three lines. cut from around the edge, and you’ve got!


add a few extra touches, like a bow, a few dress buttons and of course, a fluffy, white tail.


p.s- if you’d want your child to be involved, simply pre-cut all the shapes. let them do the rest with your supervision. oh and washable markers and crayons is recommended! just take a look at my dear daughter’s latest artwork.



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