today’s golden age


this guest post is inspired by royalty and high fashion. the duchess, kate middleton has been quite the conversation. she encompassed grace and elegance on her wedding day, and still throughout her current pregnancy. there’s something captivating and romantic about the formal wear of queens and princesses. we pretend to be one as little girls. as grown women, maybe even fantasize about feeling like cinderella.

there’s plenty of disney animated films, movies, television shows and even spanish soap operas to inspire our inner princess diana. read up on the trend which has made an appearance on-screen and the runway. you can incorporate the allure and sophistication into your wardrobe too. laura diaz shows how us to translate this majestic look for the average woman. no need to be prince charming’s wife or know the catwalk to feel regal.

The Royal Trends of Today’s Fashion

Queen Isabel I of Castille (The Catholic) is recognized as one of the most powerful female monarchs in history. Her will to command an entire nation and her vision are what led to the unification of Spain and what is known as the Golden Age. This important period is not only historically important, but continues to be an inspiration for today’s fashion.


The talented Michelle Jenner, plays the young Queen in the hit Spanish telenovela Isabel. The costume design of this award-winning series portrays the period ‘s fashion with elegant detail and shows how these trends have inspired many of today’s top fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabanna.


Royal fashion of the time evokes the luxury, power, and wealth of the monarchs with a touch of regal delicacy. It was common to see outfits adorned in all types of jewels, pearls, and gold, usually embroidered in rich velvets and exotic silks. Although these fashion trends are often not affordable or even practical, its powerful imagery evokes feelings of extreme luxury and pure decadence.


The evocative nature of period based clothing has led today’s best fashion designers to go back to these trends during their fashion shows. A great example are the Valentino black cloaks on his spring 2013 Couture Collection, these capes were actually a favorite of the Queen Isabel. Dresses with embroidery and applications were a must in court. Dolce & Gabbana and Elie Saab have proposed in recent collections very sumptuous fabrics and have worked to get the Royal Trend.


In particular Alexander McQueen, whose 2013 Fall collection is being dubbed by some as the Royal Catholic Collection. McQueen’s vision of glory, his sensitivity to history, and imagination is simply brilliant as it emphasizes the leadership of the female spirit. Take the time to notice the exquisite work on the complex embroidery and detailed beading while keeping in mind the futuristic trends that defined his vision.


To remember the coronation of the amazing Queen Isabel I of Castile, nothing better than to admire the trends set by Dolce & Gabanna, McQueen and others with classic crowns, pearls and stones. In case you’re interested in following this story with a sense for fashion, or if you are a big fan of telenovelas like I am, I’d recommend you try this one!


All these trends from the runway are making their way into the mainstream which is great news for us! Now, there are more affordable options, with a touch of these royal trends for us to buy.

Always keep a look out for great accessories as even the simple ones add so much to everylook!

I’m honored to be a guest blogger on The HeART blog! Let me know what you think of my post and please follow this blog!


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