the other day…

we went to the park.

actually it was last thursday, the twenty-eighth of february. i remember so precisely because it was our move-in date. these are the pictures from a very happy day for our family. we met some lovely mothers and their kids. we also waited anxiously for a very important phone call. one which would allow us to receive the keys. not just any keys, but the ones to a place we’d call “home”.


greetings from florida :)


this dinosaur is a little questionable in my book. (he kinda resembles a very annoyed barney).

the other day after that…

// i really (honestly) planned on exercising. listen guys, i put my sneakers on and it wasn’t my chucks either. i was serious about getting rid of a few pounds. damn winter carb carvings! going to the gym with a 19 month old, didn’t work in my favor. [hashtag fail]

// izabella found a baby lizard in our den. i squeamishly let him out. i later learned they’re completely harmless (and i felt like such an idiot). ever since then, my daughter has been on a mission to find the little guy.


observant eyes

// the unpacking was already getting old. don’t you sometimes wish you could snap your fingers, and everything would magically get done. i do! especially during the tedious  organization process of moving. then i admire my first ever walk-in closet and master bath. don’t complain, raquel. don’t.

// my husband, izabella and i video chatted with my sister, niece and nephew. it was so great to see their beautiful smiles. gosh, i miss them. you too, baby sis. we haven’t forgotten about you.


“okay daddy. let’s move on. i’ve got things to do, places to go and people to see”


watching the world through her eyes is an incredible gift.

i just can't get over these palm trees...even on a cloudy day.

i just can’t get over these palm trees…even on a cloudy day.

// it was “cold”. supposedly for the 8 days we’ve been down here. we’ve been told by several floridians, we brought the brisk weather with us. ’cause a high of sixty degrees is freezing [sarcastic face].

i think it’s hilarious. especially, since just today the northeast was slammed with a snow storm. brrr—makes me cringe just hearing about it. ohhh and did i mention it’s currently seventy-five and sunny in florida? ;-)



2 thoughts on “the other day…

  1. Lagelle (@Lagelle) says:

    I just came across you blog and I’m happy I did. I can totally relate to the feelings you are and have experienced due to your c-section. I’ve had two with my girls. I also watched TLC’s Baby story with tissues and all. It took sometime the first time around to let go of the hurt I experienced after having my first c-section but a good support system can help you through your emotions. I did much better the 2nd time around.

    I wish you all the best.
    From your fellow Latina

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