swap your monthly horoscope for a FREE personalized biorhythm


“bio” means life and “rhythm” means flowing with a regular movement.

i’m not an astrology enthusiast, although i’ve been intrigued since my teens. what makes me a skeptic is the mere fact i don’t completely fit the profile of my sign, as an aquarius. however, what does keeps me curious is the basic personality truth behind it all. take for example my husband, he’s the poster child for all capricorns. in terms of predictions, they’re either hit or miss. on occasion, my horoscope might catch my eye in back of a magazine. i’ll casually skim through it and realize it’s way off. other times, it does makes perfect sense. overall, it makes for a fun and fascinating read.

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 10.39.07 AM

it’s that same interest which attracted me in trying a personalized biorhythm. it’s actually based on simple mathematical cycles, which in theory predicts various aspects of a person’s life. according to dedicated believers, there are rhythmic biological cycles (thus the name: biorhythm) which affects one’s physical, mental and emotional activity.

if you are at a zero level of the physical cycle, it doesn’t mean that you will lie down flat all day, but it may mean that you won’t break any sports records. It will mean that the body needs rest and it would be best to restore your strength. The rest of the rhythms behave in the same way: intellectual rhythm at its highest is favorable for scientific work, interviews, and conferences; at your emotional high you will not be able to show your most sensitive and attentive self.

biorhythms are helpful in

  • forecasting the physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitive capabilities of any person at any given time. it may be very useful for planning of important events, such as job interviews, exams and competitions.
  • tell you when to be extra careful or when to use your maximum potential.
  • they can analyze the compatibility of partners and the interactions between two or more people. This applies to romantic relationships as well as to the prospects of joint ventures.

biorhythms can’t predict

  • money: biorhythms can plan out favorable days for making deals, or for highest intellectual and intuitive capabilities. the rest, however, depends on you.
  • luck: to a great disappointment, there just isn’t a graph for luck. Biorhythms can help determine your intuitive and emotional capabilities, but certain things should be left for the forces from above.
  • love. biorhythms can help you find an ideal partner, who would fit all of your criteria, and with whom you could live a long happy life. it’s going to be your task to meet such a person, make them fall in love with you, and to be worthy of their love.

my personal results

much to my surprise, the analysis has been accurate thus far! the month isn’t quite over yet, so it would be premature of me to give a complete review. i’m anticipating the 29th, because it’s supposed to my most physical and emotional day. i already warned my man i’m excused from being a domestic diva and my increase of crying spells. haha…just kidding–well, kinda ;-)

will you be a skeptic or a supporter? 2 lucky WINNERS will be randomly selected on february 2nd to receive a personalized biorhythm analysis*

to enter

simply comment below with the reason for your interest. easy peasy!

*please note: the product will be EMAILED to you as a PDF. therefore your email address is needed. typical delivery time is just 48 hours or less.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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