another award :)

in december, i was happy to receive the liebster award. it’s not a renowned acknowledgement, but it was a big deal to me. it’s one of those things which may seem minuscule, but keep me motivated for (almost) 4 months of blogging. like the stories i’ve shared with other mothers. the common bond with those who’ve experienced similar struggles. the blessing of interacting with people of all stages in life. to claim a space to express my feelings and thoughts which are often suppressed. building connections with passionate and inspiring individuals. i’m very much enjoying this new venture of and all the wonderful things i learned because of it.

this month, i was nominated for the versatile blogger award

by rica marie “akirah” from what akirah thinks. thank you for this, and for being a great supporter. if you wanna know this beautiful blogger, please visit her her beauty and fashion blog.


15 bloggers i’ve recently discovered

  1. the busy baby
  2. oopsie maizie
  3. sparkles and plaid
  4. everblossom
  5. clotheszone layers
  6. diapered daze and knights
  7. pioneer outfitters
  8. mama making changes
  9. kinda crunchy
  10. new creations ministries
  11. glitter and tulle boutique
  12. a mommy’s blog design
  13. style up your life
  14. her pretty
  15. freakin’ ’cause it’s friday

7 things i’d like them to know

  1. i have the worst vision ever. i wear contacts, and without them i’m as blind as a bat.
  2. sometimes my hubby and i have dance parties in the kitchen with our toddler.
  3. i’m a PK (pastor’s kid…yup, bring on the sterotypes ;-)
  4. i have the ability to cry easily, but i also love to laugh as much as possible.
  5. mornings have always been tough on me. coffee is a must.
  6. being creative in someway or other helps me fight the blues.
  7. 2012 has been very challenging on our family. yet, i count my blessings and hope for better days ahead.

if you made the list, here’s what you do

  • thank the person who gave you this award.
  • include a link to their blog.
  • next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • nominate those 15 bloggers for the versatile blogger award.
  • finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

congrats and pay it forward :)



6 thoughts on “another award :)

  1. alaskachick says:

    Wow. Wow and Thank You!!
    Raquel, I know exactly what you mean, this means more to me than I can just … say. The posts you have shared with me (oh, ok, us all…) have really brought you and your family into my life. I am blessed.

  2. Meg Lewis says:

    I am ridiculously late to this party, but I am Meg of clothezonelayers, and just wanted to say THANK YOU!! for nominating me! I have since changed my blog name to, but I still have the same FB page, where I was finally able to see your post! Thank you again for the blog love.

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