23 thoughts on “how about a brand new logo?

  1. akirahbabe says:

    I envision my new logo for my new beauty blog facebook fan page to be pleasant in the eyes, with the touch of soft colors like eyeshadow palette which will reflect my desire in make up ^_^ wee.. That’s it! this is a unique giveaway^_^ thanx for the opportunity racquel^_^

  2. angie says:

    thanks for the chance to win, raquel : ) i picture my logo to have a cute font with happy colors…. i like scalloped edges… and i’m open to suggestions…

    • Raquel {The HeART} says:

      in a dramatic turn of events, jeanette from eco incognito has chosen to pass along her logo makeover CONTEST WIN to (TATATA <– suspenseful music)…YOU! Congratulations :) please let me know you're availability for an online chat or email exchange. Talk to you soon <3

      • angelauk says:

        Really? I have won, be default anyway, a logo designed by you? How fabulous :) I am always online late in the evening, like 7pm to 12 (GMT) off and on so any time you are free to email back and forth, or how ever you prefer, I will make sure I am free…just wow!! and thank you xx Angela x

        Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 17:02:42 +0000 To: angelacunnane@hotmail.com

      • Raquel {The HeART} says:

        angela, i really hate to the bearer of bad news. this is actually MY fault, and i’m really quite upset about it. this reply was meant for the comment below yours. i have no idea why or how it ended up here. (well it could be mommy brain or the fact i was exhausted). anyway, i feel horrible because this got you all excited and i hate letting anyone down. the new winner is actually, jordan from the busy baby. her friend jeanette (the original winner) gave over her prize. the only hope i can give you is this won’t be the last design giveaway. in fact, it created so much unexpected buzz, that i plan on hosting it more frequently. please stay posted via my blog, facebook and twitter for a chance to win a logo makeover (or anything for that matter). i apologize once again :(

      • Raquel {The HeART} says:

        yes–please stay posted. i just subscribed to your blog and i’m relieved you understand (and forgive) my silly mistake. i look forward in connecting again and reading about your beauty reviews.

  3. angelauk says:

    I picture my logo as having a union jack in it and a cup of tea! my blog is called British, Bargains, and Beauty and my info tells everyone I love tea, so you see why I see it the way I do lol Thanks for the chance to win such an unusual and helpful prize, much appreciated x
    I’m doing a make up give away if you’re interested in entering, just pop by my blog hon x

  4. Meg Lewis says:

    I would love a new logo! I am really dedicating myself to my blog this year and spicing up my logo is a perfect start! I would love something bright and young considering I’m a college student, but still something stylish that shows my personality! xo

  5. Aby says:

    I want something simple but eye-catching for my logo, where i can use it as a header, banner or anywhere for my blog. I would like to incorporate the words “Swirls and Scribbles”, the name of my blog, with the shades of pink and blue. For the font, i prefer that it looks like hand-written. Thank you! I hope i will have the opportunity to have a new logo. It will be a huge improvement for my blog.

  6. jacquesdelight says:

    Thanks for this giveaway~ :D
    I have always wanted to get a logo, but I don’t know how. :))
    I have always envisioned my logo to be simple. A minimalist feel to it with a little edge or flair.
    Among the logo examples La Bella Pixel is more of my thing.

  7. Raquel {The HeART} says:

    thank you for all of you who toke interest and entered this giveaway. I was so happy to feel the excitement all around. i know all of you were pretty much keeping your fingers crossed, unfortunately, only one logo will be given away. DRUMROLL PLEASE–the lucky WINNER is…jeannette bezinque, from eco incognito!!! Congratulations :)

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