that’s how many months old my baby turned last week. one year and a half.  i can’t quite wrap my head around the idea that she’s grown and learned so much. from being a teeny tiny 5lb 11oz newborn to an active, bubbly toddler. here are some highlights about what izzie loves these days.


very serious about getting out of the tub. this picture was captured after her crying episode.

izabella’s favorite things

  • long baths
  • running naked
  • potted plants, because the dirt tastes really good (apparently)
  • dogs
  • barking like a dog
  • eating crushed ice like a laboring woman
  • being tickled by daddy
  • books (especially dr. Seuss)
  • cooked carrots
  • dancing and twirling
  • sharing hogging  mommy’s pillow
  • hiding under the clothing racks
  • eating (sometimes only, squashing) blueberries
  • her beloved pacifier(s)
  • sleeping in the ergo baby carrier
  • vanilla soy milk
  • soup
  • hugging loved ones.
  • brushing her own hair. sometimes mine
  • playing with pots and pans
  • getting her hands on the iPhone, iPad or laptop
  • reorganizing shelves
  • coloring and eating crayons.
  • smiling and waving at friendly strangers.
  • watching olivia on nick. jr (despite mommy’s guilt)

cute baby tushie! somehow i was able to resist the urge of posting a naked shot. she’ll thank me when she’s 12.

izabella’s frequently used words

  • “st-op” (stop)
  • “bebe” (baby–no matter if the that child she’s pointing to happens to be 10)
  • “oh no!” , “oh my!”, “oh wow!”  or simply, “no!” (that she says very clearly)
  • “ohh-tay”  (okay–used as a substitute for “yes”)
  • “mom” (sometimes instead of “mommy”)
  • “ti-ti” (thank you)
  • “daa-ddy” (daddy)
  • “weeee” (as she slides down the sofa)
  • “num” (yum)
  • “a-ball” (apple)
  • “sheep” (sleep)

girly girl in the works?

izabella’s music list

  • “la pequeña araña” (the itsy bitsy spider)
  • “twinkle twinkle litte star”
  • “the wheels on the bus”
  • “the hokey pokey” (choreography and all)
  • “los pollitos dicen pío, pío, pío” (hispanic folk song)
  • “old mcdonald”
  • “head shoulders knees and toes”
  • “bob marley’s “three little birds”

look at the curl. see it? i absolutely love it.

izzie’s proud mama,



One thought on “eighteen

  1. luana says:

    Happy 18 months to your sweet Izzie! It just goes by too quickly hey. I had to laugh when I reading ‘hogging Mommy’s pillow’ – Oliver is JUST the same! He has a bit of a pillow obsession and doesn’t like to share lol.

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