a special post about mister molczan

me_3on january 17, 1981 a baby boy was born in częstochowa, poland.

about two years later, a baby girl was born 4244.2 miles away. who would have thought that over two decades down the road, they’d just so happen to meet? not just anywhere, but of all places–online. coincidence? i think not. it was part of their destiny.

that boy is now my man, soul mate, husband, friend, lover and father to our baby girl. today i honor the wonderful person he is and celebrate yet another year of life. another three hundred sixty-five days shared with my “prince charming”, as i clearly stated in my online dating profile.

the reality is it hasn’t always been a fairy tale. this past year especially was filled with many difficulties and disappointments. yet through all the struggles, his love hasn’t failed. if anything, our relationship has gotten stronger. being married and having a family with mr.molczan has been a blessing for so many reasons.

below is an open note to my sweetheart.

how do I love thee? let me count the ways…

since you turn thirty-two today, here are 32 reminders why you’re so incredibly amazing.


1. for the sake of making me laugh, you’ll do the most embarrassing things.

2. you give me the crispy, browned pieces of the food on your plate (even though you also think it’s the best part).

3. three words: vacuum cleaning, laundry, and cooking. thank you for being so domestic!

4. you believe in me and my aspirations. you’re my biggest fan.

5. izabella is your princess and you treat her nothing short of it.

6. your work ethics surpass all my expectations.

7. you actually listen to me when i need to vent.

8. without asking, you’ll serve me fresh brewed coffee and breakfast on my most exhausting days.

9.  sometimes you leave sweet notes for me in random places. they always make me smile.

10. you care and love my family, as if they were your own.

11. you order/build/fix/handle all our computer issues (nerd!)

12. i can’t remember the last time i asked you to put the toilet seat down.

13. my sensitivity is something you embrace and never take advantage of.

14. changing careers takes courage and i admire your passion and determination.

15. your warm body temperature makes snuggling all the better.

16. it’s wonderful we share the same faith, beliefs, political views and parenting style.

17. you’re fair and will alternate a chick-flick with your action film.

18. allowing izzie to share our bed most of the time (even though she kicks you all through the night)


19. i love that we often think of the same thing, at the same time.

20. you’ll change a poopie diaper, even if you’re literally gagging. literally.

21. on that note, you think farts are hysterical.

22. you let me hog the blanket and won’t complain (sometimes)

23. you came near to losing hope, but you didn’t. i’m forever grateful for your shift in perspective and God’s care.

24. you recognize my worries and sadness a mile away and react compassionately.

25. our first date was at the guggenheim museum, even though you had something else in mind.

26. you don’t make fun at me when i cry at sappy commercials or movies.

27. the smiles and laugher you share with izabella makes my heart melt.

28. you’ll defend me like a roaring lion, no matter who is wrongly accusing me.

29. sometimes if you need my attention, you’ll ask me to stop whatever i’m doing and give you a kiss.

30. you don’t read all my posts, but support my new blogging venture…

31. …and you make an effort to read most (hopefully this is one of them)

32. you have integrity and deep convictions.

33. when you’re wrong, you always apologize.

34. you love my hair, no matter what color/length/cut it is/has.


35. a long day apart, means multiple text messages and phone calls to say you miss “your girls”.

36. i love you’re not timid about appropriate pda.

37. you compliment me when i get dressed up.

38. …and oddly, also when i’m in pajamas and i feel like a total mess.

39. we share the same enthusiasm for the walking dead tv series.

40. you tell me i’m a great mother and boast it to others (even strangers).

41. somehow, you knew you were going to marry me since the first day we meet.

42. even though i was skeptical about your predictions, you waited (patiently) as i played “hard to get”.

43. when we argue, you always make an effort  to make up asap.

44. no matter how crazy our life gets, you’re crazy in love with me.

45. i appreciate you stayed true to your vows.

46. you’re not perfect, but you’re perfect for me. period.

as you can see, i got carried away and my list went past 32. the truth is i could have easily written for hours. my hubby is more than i could have imagined or dreamed of. God didn’t just give me what i wanted. even better, he gave me what i needed. for that, i’ll be forever grateful.

wishing my hubby joy, peace and all the desires of his heart.

happy birthday baby!


your proud wife,



5 thoughts on “a special post about mister molczan

  1. Amber-Lee (@AlaskaChickBlog) says:

    And THIS is why I am not married.
    You brought tears to my eyes with this. I hope Prince Charming does read this, what a beautifully written tribute.
    You put into words, the music we all dream of, at one point or another in our lives. I am so happy for and thinking of the joy the three of you must radiate to those near you.
    Congratulations, to both of you and Happy Birthday, sir.

  2. Kibet says:

    This is so precious. We really should tell our loved ones more how much they mean to us as we never know when they won’t be around to be able to tell them anymore.

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