mommy confession #1


true story

me: “can you pass me the blankie, honey?”

hubby: “what did you say?”

me: “the blankie, please”

hubby: [laughing at me while handing me the sofa blanket]

me: “thanks” [as i roll my eyes]

a minute later, it finally fazed me. no joke!


so here how it works:

i add an ‘ie’ (sometimes an ‘ies’) to the end of certain words.

pacie = pacifier

milkie = milk

sleepies = sleepy

cupie = cup

diapies = diapers

bathie = bath

poopie = poop

ugh…you get the point.

okay, so it’s acceptable when i speak to my young toddler. once this vocabulary extends to adults, houston we have a problem! a major one. seriously, what has become of me?  i’m a college educated gal and i now speak like…well, a baby. i’m so accustomed to this jargon, that it’s slipping into everyday conversations. i have this feeling that one day, i’m going to really embarrass myself. you just wait and see! i’ll probably be at starbucks standing in line with high school classmates i haven’t seen in over a decade. when the barista asks for my order, i’ll say something like –“can i have a venti frappie with no whippe?” oh yeah, i totally see that happening. to make matters worse, i’ll probably be very matter of fact about it (just as i was with my mister). which by the way, is never to be forgotten in his book. he just can’t stop having fun at my expense.

so at least i can laugh about it. more importantly, i’m willing to confess it.



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