reflecting and turning a new leaf

as the old cliché goes, “you can’t know where you are going until you know where you have been”


what 2012 taught me

  • tough times break us or make usin my case, i’ve experienced  both.
  • a good laugh goes a long way. thank God for un-intellectual comedies, my hubby’s daughter’s tooting and my hubby’s assortment of silly faces.
  • coffee is my best friendotherwise, how on earth would i survive?
  • motherhood is a blessing. it’s the most sacrificial thing I’ve done, but also the most rewarding.
  • forgive and forget the first timeforgive and remember the second time around. grudges are unhealthy but not having a backbone is also.
  • yoga pants are very versatilethey can be worn as pajamas or as part of my outfit to the grocery store.
  • i’m more in love with my husband now than ever before5 years feels like 5 months and yet also like 15 <3
  • being religious and spiritual are two very different thingshaving a spiritual relationship with Jesus is what makes my faith real.
  • one piece of chocolate a day is actually quite healthyalso, it makes a great pick-me-up!
  • maintaining family relationships is so importantblood should always be thicker than water.


here are more (iphone) pictures i promised from our christmas in sunny florida. as you can see, we are beach loving’ family. these cold winter days make me miss it even more. i just loved watched our little izabella happy as can be. i lived viciously through her perspective for those ten days.


we actually managed to leave the sand and explore beyond the shore. we dined ‘al fresco at a great cuban restaurant.we also walked around town, and izzie got a ride on mommy and daddy’s back. this ergo baby carrier is the best! — it made airport maneuvering soooo much easier by the way.


 we visited the beautiful town tree and nativity display. surprisingly, we were the first in line to get pictures with old st. nick! we’re almost never on time, so it was exciting for us. you should have seen this line– ridiculous, i tell you. some parents waited for a good hour! i think that’s why santa didn’t seem happy. there were lots of frustrated, tired and scared little ones :(


^^^ it was going fine for us, until when we attempted to sit izabella on santa’s lap. she was very upset about the situation.^^^

*side note: as the evening approached, we noticed some locals wearing coats, scarfs and boots. apparently sixty-five degrees is considered cold?! (i thought that was too funny)


 another day, we toke advantage of the natural light and a very beautiful backdrop. patryk’s cousin, captured some lovely family portraits for us. these are just a few of our favorites.


what i hope to accomplish in 2013

  • live healthierincorporate an exercise regime, start juicing and do meatless Mondays perhaps.
  • learn new things. like the guitar. acoustic guitar, that is. i’d also like to add, swimming (please don’t judge me. it’s an embarrassing confession. thank you for your sensitivity on the matter)
  • become a better writer. less grammar mistakes and less writer’s block. more quality posts and more subscribers
  • cope with my emotions positively. i’m guilty of being passive aggressive. there i said it!
  • master new recipes. i’ve lost my oomph with my tiny kitchenette.
  • open my own etsy shopi would be so happy to display and sell my artwork.
  • read more. devote more time to scriptures, inspirational and educational books. knowledge is power!
  • go out on hot dates night with my man. i haven’t used my heels in…umm, yeah i can’t even remember the last time.
  • be more socialand i’m not referring to twitter or facebook.
  • embrace the present moment. i have a problem with my mind racing too far ahead. thank you, anxiety :(
  • move and decoratesettling into a new space (hopefully soon!) is a perfect excuse (ahem…reason) for a new furnishings and decor.
  • continue to be a mindful mommy. with the toddler stage, comes some new challenges. the need for independence means lots of “no” from her, and more acknowledgement (and patience) from me.
  • travel the world. okay so not exactly, but discovering new (and maybe even faraway) places has always been on my bucket list. it’s not realistic to plan a budget vacation to bora bora with a baby in tow. one can only dream and wish, right?


what are your resolutions for this new year?



6 thoughts on “reflecting and turning a new leaf

  1. angie says:

    beautiful family photos…. how cute your daughter is! looks like you had a wonderful time :) i have a few goals for the new year… i also want to focus on being present in the moment with my husband and my girls… my mind is always racing ahead {just as you said…}… i’m working on that :) and i would also love to open an etsy store with my handmade items… it’s something i’ve always wanted to do… recipes… it would be fun to share a few and have some new options… i dislike being in a kitchen rut… let me know and i can email you a couple of our favorites :)

    • Raquel {The HeART} says:

      thank you angie! so… you also have struggle with those anxious feelings? it’s hard to stay present. i’m glad we’re both working on that for this year. it’s so important as moms. ohh and i would love for you to send me recipes :)

  2. luana says:

    I think I need to go to Florida… That looks so lovely and warm! I love the last photo in particular, great family shot. I like your resolutions for 2013 – and I say GO FOR IT with the Etsy shop!!! It can’t hurt to try and you might be pleasantly surprised at how it takes off (I certainly never thought anyone would love my soft toys, but I was surprised!).

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