let’s talk hair


for us gals, hair is kind of a big deal. it frames the face and depending on the style, it can change our appearance too. we’re either “eh-okay” with it, absolutely in love or despise it with a vengeance. sometimes we have those rare “hallelujah-i’m-having-a-good-hair-day” moment. other times, we’re frustrated taming it on our bad hair days…ugh! we even experience throwing in the towel hairbrush and giving up our efforts all together (in my case, a top knot or a ponytail). still, we give it another shot the next day or weeks later, perhaps. we comb, brush, dye, straighten, curl, put it up and put in down all for the sake of beauty*.

*please understand i don’t mean that in a conceited-almost narcissist way. i’m quite aware vanity can be taken to very negative extremes. i’m talking about the need to be groomed and feel put together. i am a believer that beauty, really starts from the inside out. although i have to admit, a freshly washed and blow dried hair can put a little pep in my step.

i had some friends and family quite intrigued for a few weeks, after this dramatic picture. my haircut made an official debut here on new year’s eve. i figured a followup about my makeover would be only appropriate. this post is dedicated to my mane (or what’s left of it). i blame my hair loss on stress and changes in postpartum hormones [insert pouty face here].


i’ve had my share of fun times with experimentation– everything from color, texture and length. nothing extreme though. all of those changes put together, fades in comparison to my most recent transformation. before I continue, let’s go down memory lane…shall we?


as you can see, i’ve always had medium to long hair. never…ever did i have the guts to chop it off.  i was very attached to the length of my hair. maybe it’s because i’m a hopeless romantic, and it subconsciously reminded me of rapunzel. it could also be my perception of a hair toss as the epitome of elegance. in addition, i felt security with the ability to pull it back or tie it up. whether i had the case of the frizzes or oily scalp, long hair seemed the most forgiving. or so i thought…


with time, my hair became fragile and thinner. although it grows super fast, i’m prone to weak strands and split ends. after becoming a mommy, i struggled way too much to maintain my locks. it became a chore to keep my naturally curly hair, smooth yet still volumized. i felt raggedy, and i found myself desperate for a makeover. I thought and talked about it for a good year. my man would even encourage me to cut it really short, every time i complained (which was often–sorry hun). a part of me wanted to, but i had this irrational fear of losing a part of my femininity. i also worried about looking completely ridiculous somehow.

about three weeks ago, i decided “enough was enough”. i was going to take matters into my own hands. literally. i grabbed a pair of scissors, and carefully began snipping away the straggly, fine ends. i must of been feeling extremely overconfident, because i ended up with a layered bob. the strange part was that i wasn’t scared. not one bit, i tell you. my husband walked in on me with shears positioned right above my neck. he was happily surprised. i didn’t do so bad, actually. the hairstylist herself, complimented my cutting skills (i responded with “really?”, and a big grin). still, some things should be really left to a professional. i explained my desires, presented my inspiration, and she did her magic.

voila!…i’m a new woman!


^^^ here it is! the side by side comparison ^^^


i have to say, i’m really happy with the results. besides having a chic and sophisticated look, I feel quite liberated. styling has been cut down to a five minutes. yes–five! the toil of looking half way decent, is long gone. this is major for a mom who sometimes finds it challenging to take a shower, not to mention care for her hair. i know i’ll have my share of critics, who’ll say “…but your hair was soooo long” with a meloncholy voice. to which, i’d probably respond “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. although i love long hair, i think it’s wrong to be slave to it. especially during this point of my life. i don’t have any regrets and i don’t miss my old hair. maybe in the next couple of months, i’ll be blogging about trying to grow it out. for now i’m really enjoying my bob, even though i wonder if my toddler thinks i resemble dora the explorer. none the less, i accomplished one of my new year’s resolutions. along with my new hair, i hope 2013 will bring other positive changes to my life as well.



18 thoughts on “let’s talk hair

  1. KindaCrunchy says:

    LOVE the new look!! Absolutely stunning. I know the feeling of being attached to your long hair, it’s hard to let it go but every once in a while we gotta shake things up! You definitely look very chic and feminine! Short hair exudes confidence. Good for you Mama!!

  2. Monica E says:

    Your new style looks great!! My hair also got a lot thinner after pregnancy. And it lost some of its curl. :/ I kept it short after my daughter… But have been growing it out recently. I’m almost ready to cut it short again! :) Maybe I’m the summer though… We’ll see. :)

  3. akirahbabe says:

    Happy New look!^_^ Looks good on you:) I myself wanted to have that short hair again but I remember when I cut my hair that short I end up regretting because I always miss my long hair.. huhu, now my mind and heart are debating If I will cut it short or not.

  4. amblogdesign says:

    Looks awesome! My hair is super curly and a pain to deal with. Most of the time it’s pulled either up or down in a pony tail.

    Hi! I’m your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi when you have a chance. I’m also hosting a blog hop – if you would like to join us :) Hope you’re having an awesome week.

    April from:
    A Mommy’s Blog Design http://amblogdesign.com

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