goodbye 2012

i hope you haven’t forgotten me. i apologize for the lack of presence on my little corner of the internet.

i’ve been pretty good updating my instagram though. the mister and our favorite blond decided to escape the cold northeastern winter for the sun and sand of south florida. it was a lovely (yet unusual) christmas for us. no coats, scarfs, sweaters or snow. it literally felt like july–christmas in july! (but none the less, we experienced the snowstorm the day after we came home). it was beautiful, but we must admit we do miss the vitamin D.

here are some family christmas snapshots (and outtakes). i promise to share more pictures as soon as i sort through all of them.



on the eve of new year, i’m reflecting on 2012. it was a whirlwind. it made me cry and laugh. it’s brought me both blessings and struggles. it’s given me valuable life lessons about love, truth, loss, triumph and faith.



i pray 2013 will bring health, peace and prosperity.

this is my wish for our family and yours.

happy new year friends!




16 thoughts on “goodbye 2012

  1. luana says:

    Gorgeous pics – and haircut! Love it! A warm Christmas is what feels ‘normal’ to me – nothing quite compares to celebrating the holidays at the beach!

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