mourn with those who mourn

it’s been a heartbreaking week for the nation. last friday was an eerie day because of an ineffable and merciless act. one which made us face our society with disappointment, questions and fear. yet, i’ve seen how it’s created unity in sharing the overwhelming feeling of sadness. we’ve also come together in honoring the victims of newton, connecticut. i doubt there wasn’t a single parent who didn’t gain a greater appreciation for their little ones (or grownup kids) since then. i for one, have hugged and held my dear daughter more than ever before. i also felt a great desire to write a handwritten letter for that catastrophe stricken school. it was simple and to the point, but none the less–it was personal and honest.


To those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy,

Three days ago, I saw something horrific on the news. It made my heart sink and my stomach flip. I was in complete disbelief. I sobbed for the twenty innocent children and six adults who lost their lives. Also for the parents, siblings, extended family and friends who were left to endure the pain. Just the thought of no longer seeing my little girl brings tears to my eyes. I can only begin to imagine your unwavering devastation. As a first time mother, I felt compelled to express my profound sentiments. I can’t undo what has been done, erase the trauma or bring your children back. I can however, extend my genuine and deepest condolences. Please know that since that terrifying day, I’ve thought intensively about your immense sorrow. As most of us are anticipating the joy of the holidays, you’re making somber arrangements. That drastic departure is what makes me feel greater compassion for your affliction. Even though we’re complete strangers, I’ve prayed for all of you. I requested peace, healing and love to touch your aching soul. As you mourn, I share your grief and honor your loved ones. What remains is their lasting memory, until you meet them again.

Those we love remain with us

for the love itself lives on,

And cherished memories never fade

Because a loved one’s gone…

Those we love can never be

more than a thought apart,

For as long as there is a memory,

They’ll live on in our heart.

With love,


*you can share your love also, by mailing out your condolence card or letter to: 12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482

2 thoughts on “mourn with those who mourn

  1. Monica E says:

    What a beautiful letter! I’ve been having a hard time connecting to this tragedy after the losing my sister and her family a few months ago. It is so painful! I can’t imagine losing my child!

    • the heart & art says:

      Monica, I am deeply sorry for your loss. This recent incident must bring back so many negative emotions. I will say a prayer for you, because I truly have compassion for your pain. I can’t imagine losing my child either, my sister or anyone from my family. I really do hope that 2013 brings peace to your life. Big Hug!

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