baby it’s cold outside!

for those who don’t know already, i’m 100% dominicican. if you aren’t familiar, the dominican republic is a caribbean island located southeast of cuba and shared with haiti. it’s a year round warm weathered country. naturally, my ancestors assimulated to their environment and we just aren’t designed for cold weather climates. i was born here, but those genes are strong i tell you. we literally freeze our bums off when the temperature drops to less than 70 degrees. okay so maybe i’m exaggerating, but point taken right?

my husband, who was born and raised in poland is the complete opposite of us latinos. while i could be wearing 3 layers of pajamas (not sexy i know), my man is just fine with a pair of boxers and a tee shirt. you can imagine how the thermostat is a big issue of disagreement in our household.

When it’s chilly out, my favorite go-to outfit must be warm, cozy (and cute wouldn’t hurt either.) This is one cold weather ensemble i would be happy to wear, even though i absolutely dread these winter months.

Bundle Up!

Black shirt


Tinley Road tube scarve

remember to bundle up, ’cause baby it’s cold outside



6 thoughts on “baby it’s cold outside!

    • the heart & art says:

      sigh…i’m so jealous ;-) haven’t been there since i was nine. it’s a beautiful place for sure. (could use a beach and drink, right about now). *glad you can vouch for my comment, by the way!

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