it’s the little things

enjoy the little things

every single day i make a ginormous effort to be grateful. the honest truth is that it’s easier said than done. i’m not going to pretend that i  say my prayers every single night or that i never ever take anything for granted. we as society however, have a ritual to remind ourselves on thanksgiving. but what about the other 364 days? what about the day after, when we eat the leftovers? and the day after that, when we’re putting up the tree? sometimes life’s bitter moments distract us from the sweet ones. and sometimes you just have to make a list like the one below. a compilation of all the little things which have made you happy. those things you can reflect on, even when all you want to do is cry. after the tears, and (even) during the struggles remember to be grateful for life’s small blessings.

34 random things which make me smile.

(in no particular order)

  1. watching my 16 month old amused by the simplest things
  2. heart-to-heart talks with my sisters
  3. when the sun comes out from behind the clouds
  4. clothes and shoes that are both comfortable and stylish
  5. a good night’s sleep
  6. watching my husband’s face light up when he sees after a long day apart
  7. discovering something is within my price range
  8. unexpected compliments
  9. receiving good advice from a friend
  10. when I laugh so hard, no noise comes out
  11. my faith in a God who loves me unconditionally
  12. when someone stands up for me
  13. fresh brewed coffee
  14. nurturing my inner child
  15. season premieres of the walking dead
  16. going through a box of childhood memories
  17. when someone tells me they saw something, and it reminded them of me
  18. going out for dinner
  19. being bilingual
  20. the first step in a warm shower
  21. wrapping my cold hands around a warm drink
  22. my daughter’s smile
  23. getting a rush of ideas after writer’s block
  24. the feeling I get after putting chapstick on
  25. feeling my husband’s smooth face after he shaves
  26. diaper changing stations in public restrooms
  27. having a nice conversation with a total stranger
  28. waking up next to my man and little girl
  29. my family’s home cooked meals
  30. getting flowers “just because”
  31. tall glass of ice cold water when i’m thirsty
  32. being able to wash and fold laundry during baby’s nap time
  33. when i feel understood
  34. using my creativity in any form

now i will enjoy #13 (second by the way…yup, it’s one of those days ;-)

until next time,



4 thoughts on “it’s the little things

    • the heart & art says:

      Jean i’m really happy you made it over her :) thank you for your support! i will definitely participate in aloha friday blog hop. looking forward in chatting with you and making more connections.

  1. Monica E says:

    I love this list!! A lot of them are my favorite things too!! Especially #13! Much needed with a 3yo and 2yo in the house!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been kinda following along since then but had issues commenting and then my subscription didn’t work. BUT… I think I have figured it out!! :)

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