Light painting, hand shadows and candlelight portraits

This is what we did on Frankenstorm Eve

After stocking up on supplies and preparing for Hurricane Sandy, we baked an apple tart and carved pumpkins. We anxiously waited for the storm to unfold.

Then the power went out and baby girl went to sleep at 9:40pm! By far her earliest bedtime. My calm before the storm (or so I thought). She woke up half an hour later and didn’t surrender until 1 am. Safe to to say, it was a stressful rest of the night.

Hubby and I wanted to have a little bit of fun. So we grabbed our handy flashlight, the DSLR and got creative!

Please note: The light effects shown above are NOT photoshopped. Yes, it’s awesome and it’s called light painting. If you have a DSLR and a tripod, I highly recommend giving it a try. You can use any light source pointed at the camera set to a very slow shutter speed (approximately 15.0s -30.0s). Then you practically”draw” anything you like (given that it’s not too complex). FYI: It does takes a few tries and a bit of practice, but it makes for memorable entertainment.

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