so much to do. so little time

I am FALLing so far behind schedule.

No pun intended. Ha! Seriously,  it’s 5 days before Halloween, and I still haven’t even bought my dear daughter a costume. My inner martha stewart is so dissapointing this year. [insert mommy guilt here]

Fall to do list

Here is a personal list of the things I need/ wanna accomplish before the first snowfall. (Can you tell I’m hard on myself?)

  1. Seasonal baking and cooking.  Some examples include, homemade butternut squash soup, a hearty crock pot meal and an apple tart.
  2. Make some sweet fall treats. I would love to create a pumpkin white chocolate drink. Or I can accept the fact that starbucks will just have to do. On that same thought, perhaps I’ll have to settle with a store bought candied apple.
  3. Carve some pumpkins. Goodness gracious! I’ve had a few lonely pumpkins for the past 4 weeks waiting to be jazzed up.
  4. Get Izzie a costume (ASAP)!!! Okay this is serious. I have the feeling, I’ll be one frustrated mama t-minus 24 hours before October 31st.
  5. Buy my little girl fall outer wear. I can actually pat myself on the back for this one. kinda. I will mentality check off the list for 1 hat and pair of boots. Still she could use an extra pair. Like a that whimsical owl hat. Isn’t it just too cute?
  6. A romantic date night. A night out would blow our minds. Like woah!!!  but a bottle of bubbly (or an appletini), a cozy blanket and a chick flick would make for a sweet evening. First, I need to master getting my little one to bed before hubby and I both turn into pumpkins.

For some festival fall inspiration, check out my board on pinterest. It’s more or less a bigger and better version of this list.

Happy Friday!



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