Orange you loving this?

Black and orange are two of autumn’s staple shades.

Their association with Halloween and high degree of contrast can make them a challenge to wear. This is how I’d pair these fall hues for an ensemble that says pretty, not pumpkin!

I incorporated a few bold elements. The black nail polish, faux leather leggings and motorcycle jacket give it an edge. The plaid shirt and orange wedges, creates balance and tone down the look just a touch. A leopard print tote bag is trendy, and adds sophistication. The eclectic assortment of jewelry adds the right amount of sparkle. Makeup is very minimal with neutral eyeshadow and red-orange lips as the focus. To bring all these pieces together, while adding a layer of softness is a beautiful printed scarf.

Orange you loving this tricky trend

I’m really digging this fall look. It’s a tricky trend to master, but I didn’t do too shabby. Well, except for the Yves Saint Laurent tote bag. I love everything, minus the $2,810 price tag.

Maybe one day. Maybe…


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