The trio. The three musketeers. Big sister, middle sister and baby sister.

Let me just point out the obvious. Yes, my hair used to be orange-ish. Glad we’ve gotten that out of the way. Also, there’s a toddler and two teenagers who tower over her by four feet. Ester and I are three years apart. We practically grew up as playmates. Then there’s Joanna, she’s (literally) the baby of the family. We’re 15 years and 11 months apart. Even with our age differences, we’re managed to bond throughout the years.

 We are sisters. Best friends for life. We couldn’t be more unique, yet our love for each other is the same.

Here we are bonding over curly frizzes on a humid summer day, about to sing annoying car tunes during a family road trip and posing pretty with the obligatory printed pjs on christmas morning.

There’s the artist and the thinker. Has a sensitive heart and a quiet soul by nature. She’s gentle. Another is the athletic. She’s a free-spirit. Quick on her feet. Graceful with her hands. A giver, not a taker. She’s strong. Then there’s the dancer. Always moving to the beat. A bubbly personality with quirky mannerisms. Has a thing for baking desserts and being sweet. She’s witty.

Sister, open your heart, fling your hopes high, and set your dreams aloft. I am here to hold your hand. – Maya Angelou

We’ve laughed until our stomaches hurt (and almost peed our pants). Fought over borrowed clothes that weren’t returned in it’s original condition. We’ve been each other’s makeup artist and hair stylist. Cried our eyes out together, and even wiped the runniest of noses. We’re guilty at yelling at one another. Used the silent treatment. Apologized, made up and hugged too many times too count. Stood up to bullies. We’ve been each other’s best shopping buddy. Shared secrets and stories. Built forts together and endless memories. We’ve gone through bad hair days, fashion disasters and life’s growing pains.

Sisterhood is more than just being born from the same parents. It’s about belonging to one another. The responsibility to have each other’s back. To accept and love unconditionally.

If you have a sister (or lucky to have more than one), tell her how much she means to you today. I know I will.



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