If I could go shopping right now

Isn’t it just perfect for this time of year. It’s hipster-chic, yet comfortable enough to wear with baby in tow. I love the faux fur vest. Must feel so warm and cozy on these chilly days. Those colored jeggings are so in right now  have been trendy for a while (but I obviously missed out somewhere in between wiping baby vomit and trying to keep my sanity). So I really really want a pair! The stretchy fabric is so forgiving. That teal (such a great color) is a wonderful statement piece. A hand-woven purse give this outfit a bohemian feel. Which makes this look even more laid back. Striped shirts are friends to petite girls like myself. I appreciate how it gives the illusion of a fuller chest and balances my lower half. And the one item which makes it super mommy friendly is….(drum roll)…those comfy flats. I could practically live in those loafers.They’re like fancy slippers. This is one of those I’m-not-trying-hard-but-I-still-look-put-together kind of outfits. It’s the perfect solution to the wanna-be-fashionista-mamas like myself. The cherry on top is this entire ensemble totals at $182.00Frugal is soooo in these days, didn’t you get the memo?
Mommy outing with baby

Dorothy Perkins black shirt
$31 – dorothyperkins.com

2b studded legging

AX Paris loafer shoes
$32 – axparis.co.uk

Uniqlo summer hat
$24 – uniqlo.com

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