bittersweet sunday

Hi There! I hope you and your loved ones had a fun weekend or productive one. Either one is great for their own unique reasons, but having both is like hitting the jackpot. You know exactly what I mean if your a parent! It’s definitely a balancing act.

In my book, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and reflecting (well you know, we really do try). It’s the last day of the weekend and beginning of a new week. I think this one day would be quite appropiate in sharing both my bitter and sweet moments of the week. So here goes my first (of what I hope to be a series of posts)…


My poor baby girl got her very first bruise. It toke only one second and one slip. The corner of a glass table got the best of her sweet cheeks. There was a major crying episode, followed by swelling and then a nasty black and blue. You better believe we now have those genius socks with grips on the bottom. Wish I could purchase an extra pair of eyes to place behind my head. That would definitely come in handy when visiting homes which aren’t baby proofed.


My mister who is a talented and passionate photographer, received yet another contract job offer through a very reputable agency. I’m beyond proud of his most recent accomplishment. A bad economy, and a long time hobby led him to change careers. It takes guts and a brilliant mind to become a self-taught professional within a relatively short time. I am inspired by his dedication, sacrifices and hard work. He’s taught me to believe in dreams and take big leaps. I tip my hat to you my love!

And since tomorrow is the official dreaded day of the week, I will conclude my post with my wishes for you.

May your monday be peaceful, and not mayhem. Filled with a little less deadlines and a bit more grace.

Cheers to a new week! Hopefully a sweet one.



One thought on “bittersweet sunday

  1. Patryk Molczan says:

    You are the greatest wife I could have ever prayed for. Although we are facing many difficulties, we have each other. I thank God for holding us together and keeping our marriage so strong. To top it off, he also blessed us with the most amazing baby girl. I love you!

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